Can NEM file a lawsuit to slanders?



In this article, the writer describes that

  • NEM can be made transaction in WeChat

This is a fact. But, the matter is following descripton:

  • NEM has a system to make transactions in Chinese exchange.

Furthermore, he says

  • NEM is the one of cryptocurrencies which get many illegal access from China.

I haven’t heard these informations.

If NEM were a centralized system, I think NEM can file a lawsuit to him.
However, NEM is a decentralized system.
Who can file a lawsuit to these slanders?

Yu Kimura


出川哲朗もトバッチリ コインチェック580億円分の仮想通貨流出「2億返せ」と怒号〈週刊朝日〉

In this article, following description appears.

NEM is made in China. Many of NEM users are Japanese and Chinese.

Does he mix up NEM with NEO? :slight_smile:

Who can file a lawsuit?
We should discuss this problem hotly.

Yu Kimura


I don’t know what they have in mind writting “get many illegal access from China”.


Could the network vote to begin a lawsuit? Would we need consensus on every action we take collectively?


This is really a helpful post.