NEM Mobile App: Open Beta and up to Bug Bounty Paid in XEM. Testing Mainnet Release

Translation of his words:

Android mobile wallet is nice and fluent, but i it hurts having to input password again if i swtiched the process background. I don’t know whether it’s a bug or not.

I think it’s so cool to send message via wallet, it could completely be a message app if i no longer have to input password if i come to the app again.
Could there be no password for login, just a password for transaction with XEMs?

Another thing, I think transaction fee for a message is too high, imagine when 1XEM=$1, how much it will cost us just to send some small talks. If it could be lower, there’ll be many more people willing to use the mobile app.

using blockchain for small talks is like using spaceship to deliver pizza across town. There are much more suitable protocols for that - that are (nearly) free.


Agreed, but top chinese mobile apps have embedded cash support for quite a while, we are used to send lucky money at small talks already.

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The password (or fingerprint) is annoying, but it is a security feature of course.
I think it would be nice to make it configurable (how long the app remembers the password), so people can decide on their own how secure they want their app. This would require a manual way to lock the app though, because there might be situations where I want to immediate lock (e.g. because I know I am done using the app, or I want to hand over my phone to somebody, or I feel unsafe at some place or whatever).

I would not like the app to be accessible without password and only require it for initiating transactions (and decrypting encrypted messages). That way anybody who has access to your phone could see which accounts are yours including all balances and last transactions.

there is app called nxtty, it is built on NXT and uses NXT cryptography to encrypt messages but stores encrypted messages on their servers. users can also send NXT to each other, or nxtty coin, whitch is NXT asset - i am not sure now which or if both.

I am pretty sure a talented dev could create a free version of the app for sending messages on the Mijin network in a matter of days, if not hours, there is even a way to make them all self destruct in a set time period, but it would take some new features added, not just changing a few settings. As for giving people unlimited free messaging and sending real XEM/Mosaics on the main net, I think there is a way to do that too, but it is harder. That is a great thing about open source apps and NEM/Mijin. Hard to say what somebody will come up with.

Sure, but somebody will have to pay for the server that is required to do that…

Bug - Can not send <1 XEM. Error says “Insufficient balance.” Regardless of what balance is in account.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Android 5.1.1


Github not responding right now.

it is kind of hard to create multisig in wallet when pubic key of accounts is not available in wallet and you have to insert public key of cosignatory to create multisig acc

I cannot reproduce this bug. Are you using version 1.0.42?

You can enter an address or public key (or a label, if the according account is saved in your address book or part of your app wallet).
If the account, which you want to add as cosigner, is not one of your accounts in your app wallet and also not in your address book, there is no way for the app to make suggestions for autocomplete.
However, you can copy a public key to clipboard, paste it into the textbox at multisig configuration view, then go to the place where you can copy another public key and then go back to the NEM app via “recent apps” (this is a default android feature). It will bring you to the multisig configuration view and your inputs are not discarded, so you can paste the next key etc.

Current bug bounty on the mobile app is being raised to $15 in XEM (10,000 XEM - For all those that don’t have any XEM yet, that is enough to start harvesting). We could have actually launched the app a month ago, but we need more testers. Android and iOS are in over 10 languages now too.

We could have actually launched the app a month ago, but we need more testers. Android and iOS are in over 10 languages now too.

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thank you jabo38 for adding me into the telegram group. testing app now

Pls send me some Test XEM

Android, Samsung Galaxy S5

Not sent from Testnet # 13: to jabo38 TA66MVNSS55QQPS4GUUDNLZJJHLYTTEYS5CIFP26 ( No valid server)
Android GS SMART

If you go to Conifigure and Servers and pick a different server, does it work?

not always. I sort out a few different ip. Some purse shows an even balance. Now I try to send 10 nem “test”

Did not work sent 10 NEM . “Sending failed! Failed to prepare transaction”

NEMiOSAPP: The Enc Button has to be deaktivated if you send with a cosinging account.
More details at:

Very good find. That is the type of thing we want people to find. But unfortunately the app was designed that way. All multisig accounts can only send normal messages.