NEM Supernode Rewards Program


replacing the jar files should be enough.


If you have installed it using this thread:

then you should ask in that thread.


Thanks, all done and upgraded.



My supernode ‘SloNode1’ has new IP The old IP was



IP change is already done.


Update your supernode(s) to version 0.6.82
Failing to do so will result in failed version test
The reference NIS will be updated on sunday 2016-11-13


Hello BloodyRookie, I had to change bcn’s supernode IP.

I just sent the ‘change ip to’ message.

Thanks! :smiley:


It worked.


Cool, thanks :wink:


Hey BloodyRookie, could you please tell me why it’s failing all the tests? The logs show alright and didn’t change anything but the ip.


does not respond.

NIS seems to have a wrong boot key, i can see
"INFO couldn’t verify response from node 'bcn '"
Public key i see when doing a /node/info request on your node is

public key in the db is


The following nodes have been failing every day for a long time. If the owners of those supernodes don’t fix the problems, the supernodes will get deactivated next weekend:

  • Budapest: NIS / servant problems
  • KamilX2: insufficient balance
  • Jerry2: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • MyGaga3: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • MyGaga1: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • Alpha3: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • NEM-Supernode-Qingdao: insufficient balance
  • Alpha2: insufficient balance
  • Alpha1: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • Jerry1: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • Noise: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • nemxembos: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • EU2.rohan: NIS problems
  • Gorenger: NIS problems
  • himmelsfaller3: NIS / servant problems
  • mnbhsgw: NIS / servant problems
  • Tray: NIS / servant problems + insufficient balance
  • taro: NIS problems
  • supernova: NIS / servant problems
  • UK01SuperNode: NIS / servant problems
  • Penter3: NIS problems
  • Shibuya001: NIS / servant problems

If you need help with your supernode, please post in this thread


Penter3 has passed the last 2 rounds now, so everything is working now.
Thanks for pointing it out btw, I didn’t know the node was failing the tests.


Can you activate my node, please?


I activated it.


Hey Chain-Master :wink:

Can you advise what could be wrong in Africa?

{"node":{"metaData":{"features":1,"application":null,"networkId":104,"version":"0.6.82-BETA","platform":"Oracle Corporation (1.8.0_101) on Linux"},"endpoint":{"protocol":"http","port":7890,"host":""},"identity":{"name":"NBX572RVRZDBOQVIFALKXUTGXY2YJNLLT3SZNFUU","public-key":"9f5fd95c82b5a15d6f977a8e5623112c88e0c971b019845d6169657207469705"}},"nisInfo":{"currentTime":51177424,"application":"NEM Deploy","startTime":51089279,"version":"0.6.82-BETA","signer":null}}

Info: That happened since I upgraded to 0.6.82 few days ago.
Info2: Am running Ubuntu 16.04 and not Debian.



You are using a wrong boot key for your NIS. Public key in the database is


which is different from the key displayed in the extended info above.
Your servant has the correct key.


Thanks for your hint!

My ~/nis-ncc/package/nis/ had
after the update. (commented out). I corrected now with my private key and restarted. compared with the 0.6.79 version in that version’s file i had it -not- commented out and my key there.

That seemed to have been the issue. Now my extended-node-info shows the right pub-key.


after I updated the nis version, I hit a similar issue which the node name was cheanged accidentally in my case. I had to remove the blockchain data and re-initialize again.

#784 seems to down now