NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.4 - Bug bounty paid in XEM

note; Trezor chrome extension and online wallet does not seem to work on older macs (10.7.5) so i think thats why its not working when i try to log in on nano wallet. On chrome book nano web wallet does not work either. the only answer is probably to get a new computer.

Version 2.0.10 (Testnet only)

  • Mainnet enabled
  • Brain Wallet creation disabled
  • Fix Trezor support
  • Minor fixes and improvements
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I found a bug at 2.0.10.

Going to the delegate harvesting page will result in this message.
Also, the host does not appear in the host setting of harvesting.

If you do not select the harvesting node and hit the start harvesting button, harvesting may be active.


Please wait for a while for downloading and updating Version 2.0.10.

I will report the same to github.

I changed it to test net only at the discretion.


Version 2.0.12

  • Fix harvesting on mainnet
  • Fix new update notification
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Version 2.0.13

  • Hide Trezor login button in Chrome builds
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Version 2.0.14

  • Fix brain wallet login

Will it also be possible to access a brain wallet without having to create a .wlt file in 1.4.13 first?

All wallets that you can create in 1.x.x should give you a .wlt file.

So in theory users should already have it


Okay, I rephrase my question: Will it be possible to recreate a .wlt file from just a passphrase in NanoWallet 2.x.x, too?

@SuperSecretDude this looks like option to create brain wallet and brain wallets creation is disabled :slight_smile:

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Yes, but right now it’s not possible to access brain wallets, either. And most brain wallet owners probably just remembered a passphrase. (brain wallet plus saving .wlt file and private key means you could have created a simple wallet in the first place…)

Then again, I am asking mostly, because that feature just vanished silently and there is no official word about it. Not even the warnings and features of 2.0.1x mention this…

Maybe should be information about this that brain wallet is removed and deprecated (for example third not active button with tooltip). Tooltip could also tell user that if he want use new wallet should generate first wlt file in old wallet and next import into new wallet. Maybe also should be put there warning that brain wallets are danger to use and should generate simple wallet and move funds there.
@mizunashi @Quantum_Mechanics what do you guys think about this? Maybe in some next version it will be goos to add something like this.

In my opinion it’s good that brain wallet was removed. Many new users could cause many account stolen.

Is Trezor wallet fully functional with the NEM wallet?
Can i use it now or should wait for offical announcement of the functionality?

There is, btw, a huge advantage brain wallets have: I can proof ownership by being the one who’s able to create a wallet’s private key.

So, there is also very good reasons for just keeping them away from stupid people…

Is a Trezor tutorial going to be put together? I’ve never used one. I also want to generate a new address/ account entirely Trezor side. I don’t want it on my computer. Is this possible?

Trezor published a guide here



Creation of brain wallets is indeed disabled.

It’s still in the code, just a couple lines to uncomment, but I don’t think we will have this feature again.

Maybe it could be added to an advanced mode

Brain wallet owners can still access their wallet with the .wlt file, the wallet password is the passphrase.

Brain wallet or simple wallet, in all case you must save the private key, and wallet file is mandatory because no private key in the brain wallet .wlt, just basic data for booting.

How do we restore the XEM from a Trezor seed if the device goes missing? I’ve never come across anything else XEM related that uses seeds.

I can’t find an answer to this anywhere.

Please purchase TREZOR newly and enter the backed up word password into TREZOR.
Newly purchased TREZOR will be able to access the previous Wallet.