NEM Website improvements & bug fixes


Are there any plans to improve (fixing bugs and visual enhancements) the NEM’s official website( UI and UX improvements would help people to navigate around easily. Consistency in the way the site looks across different subdomains would gain more trust and confidence among the visitors (right now the header has links missing, and also the links are not available on few pages). I know focusing more on the core technology would be your priority but outreach would help people to learn more about the project.

I reported some issues on GitHub, but it would be better if we can contribute ( may be confined to a small set of contributors/developers ) to a document first (or maybe a forum discussion) and then promote them on to the Github features and issues list.

Thank you.


Thanks for your concerns. There is a new website being built.

Please report those on GitHub. Your current GitHub issues are not very detailed.


Thank you for your reply. Added more details to the Github issues.