The Future Of Data - Swarm Learning, The Catapult Blockchain and Edge Computing

Hey NEM Community - Bader from IoDLT here. We just released a new article that showcases yet another Catapult use case. This time, we wrote about edge computing and swarm learning, which are two concepts that tie quite well into each other. Catapult acts as the bridge that allows them to work together, as shown in our article. This article is meant to illustrate the versatility of Catapult as an industry agnostic solution.

I hope you enjoy it and learn something. Appreciate any feedback that comes our way!

You can read the article below on our blog:
The Future Of Data – AI, The Catapult Blockchain and Edge Computing


Well done on this article! This would be a good use case to integrate as Catapult launches. Would be great to see actual hospitals and orgs using this in different situations.