Tony (Bartlomiej Sanak) for NEM Council


Many of NEM members know me from my YouTube channel and all the community work (hosting meetups, writing blog posts, testing tools, advising on products, building tools and connecting devs with projects, suggesting changes to core functionalities). I joined NEM at the beginning of 2017 and since then I expanded my knowledge and worked on as many projects I possibly could in my free time.

My biggest milestone in NEM career was being mentioned for my initiatives in an interview by Lead NEM Developer, Jaguar:

I am a professional blockchain researcher and developer, working mostly with databases and researching new ways of value transfers. These skills can be easily translated into better understanding and influencing new Catapult features. I will candidate for the Council membership in upcoming NEM Foundation elections. I find it important to explain why. Over the last year, I’ve seen many inefficiencies in how Foundation is working and various fields which can be improved if NEM Foundation wants to stay relevant in the race for better developers and bigger community.
I am not a jack of all trades type of person. Like all of us, I have some strengths and weaknesses and I believe that one can’t spread himself too thin. I know already, I won’t be interested in traveling the world and speaking on conferences, I won’t be working on business partnerships. I won’t be influencing marketing teams. But I am really passionate about bringing Foundation closer to the community and building the best product. And I like to win.
We are all NEM and Foundation should be a tool for NEM blockchain to expand community’s vision. I will focus highly on bringing new people into NEM development. Below is the list of projects I will focus on in 2019 if I will become a Council member (not in the order of magnitude, just a list):

1. Creating a backbone between NEM Foundation and NEM community:

  • influence incentivization of community members
  • creating monthly calls/AMA sessions for all concerned community members, explaining the moves of the Foundation (those that may be publicly disclosed),
  • creating a forum topic in which I will be hearing to all the criticism either towards me or the Foundation,
  • work on sharing more content from the NEM utility devs (Japan, Ukraine…)

2. Bringing up discussion about Silvercoin Fund:

  • setting up voting session just for original NEM stakeholders in which they’ll decide on the future of Silvercoin Fund.

3. Adding more projects (e.g. new wallets) to NEM repository as official NEM projects. Finding community developers that could expand capabilities of those projects. After Jeff McDonald left from VP position all official toolkits (wallets and SDKs) stagnated. It’s time to bring more life to them.

4. Adding NEM functionalities to more hardware and multicoin wallets (e.g. Ledger Nano).

5. Incubating new developers on projects related to NEM Foundation. Picking up the greatest talents and introducing them to Catapult development (this task is basing on cooperation with Core Developers, without they help, it won’t succeed). Launching NEM Catapult testnet.
Writing introductory articles about NEM development and hosting tutorial videos on my or NEM’s channel.

6. Introducing Lean/Agile strategies to NEM Foundation. Scrum/Kanban, depends on the team should be used, teams should be restructured and have Project Managers running them. JIRA or other progress tracking tool should be used. Inner Foundation newsletters should be a standard.

I might do:

  1. Give my small advice on creating content (more content and better content).

  2. Go to the “basement meetups” for developers to speak about possibilities of NEM blockchain and careers opportunities available.

  3. Exploring ways of unlocking possibilities of NEM NIS1:

  • unlocking more tps (NEM is on the shallow end with only 2tps)
  • lowering the namespace and mosaic prices to bring more tokens and traffic to NEM
  • making namespace renewal last longer or forever in some cases (auctioning)

What I won’t do:

  1. Speaking at “major” conferences

  2. Working on business relations

  3. Managing NEM marketing efforts

At the end of the day, I am still the same guy, very concerned about NEM future that would like to make a change and finally have the possibility to do it. Since I started my social media (Youtube channel about NEM) I always replied to all comments. The same strategy I’ll use for hearing the voices from the community while deciding on the crucial NEM Foundation moves.
I will judge the effectiveness of my eventual work as a council member in lines of code written for NEM related projects as well as positive comments about the output of all Foundation actions.
I am not a power- craving person, just want to make a change, I will fully support NEM president and other council members as long as their efforts will be positive to NEM’s further development.

Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. What is your position on the current election process and using PoI for elections like this?

  2. What is your position on making processes, decisions and information more transparent for the community? (Council decisions, who voted on what, Foundation Charter, roadmaps, etc.)

  3. What is your position on the foundation’s outside communication?

  1. I was speaking with Council members since June about enabling POI as a voting process. There are some private messages that I won’t share publicly to confirm my words, you have already read it so I am surprised to be asked this question.
    NEM community != 340 members.

  2. For three months I didn’t have private life making daily NEM videos summarizing the latest news around NEM ecosystem. I saw the lack of communication from a NEM Foundation and I did my best to mitigate the problem. The same with basic communication about NEM products. My videos about harvesting, wallet functionalities and basic NEM features now have thousands of views. It should be Foundation’s obligation to put out content like that. But you need a tech-savvy people to do so. Not all decisions should be communicated and I understand it, but the community should know what are the goals of the Foundation. I’d love to see it in NEM. And the problem isn’t external but internal as well. Inside/outside newsletter is needed. ASAP

  3. Supposedly there are 70+ people working in NEM Foundation. I can’t see a scenario where those people aren’t communicating NEM’s vision. So far it fails.


Thx for answering :slight_smile:

I’m just asking every candidate the same questions in here on the forum so other people have a place to read it.


Damn striaght it is. So glad someone brought this up. All projects unter the NEMProject orga should be actively maintained or deprecated.


Thanks for running. I’m sure the community can appreciate the value of having somebody who always speaks their mind on the council.

Tony has done a lot for NEM through his videos, marketing, and community building. I hope the community gives him a chance to continue.


Thanks for running Tony!

At one time, your videos were the sole point to get up-to-date news on NEM.

I hope you can clear up the issue about the SilverCoin Fund, whats the best way getting in touch with all original stakeholders?


Addresses eligible to participate in SilverCoin fund redemption are listed in first NEM block (nemesis block):
Those are original stakeholders. Ownership of Private Key to one of those accounts grants you right to participate in SilverCoin Fund redemption process. At least that’s my opinion. I will showcase more datailed plan after becoming Council member.
I’ve already planned execution of some of the points in form of flowcharts. I guess many candidates forget that it isn’t enough to vote for funding project A or B. NEM Foundation should plan actions using Lean/Agile practices (Kanban/Scrum), then execute and measure progress (reviews).
I performed the role of team leader in software development team using Scrum methods and I would like to bring these standards to Foundation.


My question to you is:-

Would you support for a complete audit of NEM foundation accounts to understand the burn rate and operational expense and to analyze the funds utilization ?

I’m asking the same question to all members who are standing for the elections.


If it isn’t already done, I would be amazed.
But yeah, all sort of analytics that may help will be nice. As my plan I will be routing for international and interregional working groups as well working with Agile. So on the highest level burn rates and KPIs are a gold standard but also on the team levels we need to monitor burndown charts etc.
NEM Foundation should be governed like a good corporation/startup. That’s why I am hesitant to see candidates without prior experience of working with software-based products.


How do you plan to demonstrate your maturity and your ability to stay level-headed despite the numerous amounts of arguments and slander you seem to involve yourself in on telegram? What ensures your composure and honesty in unfavourable situations going forward?


I don’t understand your concerns. I am always mature and professional, looking at NEM Foundation from a third person view. I was never dishonest, and if you think I was, please prove it in some way. I am not going to change the way I look at the problems. You need to encounter them first, fully to understand them deeply and to be able to mitigate them.

As we see in recent days, all the suspicions I had and demonstrated over the last year aren’t void and community is starting to see the bigger picture. I am only sad it happened after the elections are almost done.


That’s the goal. I think it is doable in a period of one week, especially that I am in contact with all project leaders. This is funny to see the comments about me argumenting lack of development in this area. Yeah, during my community work in NEM I did more than 170 videos about NEM and I have spoken with more than 200 project leaders and single developers. I know their needs and those needs never aligned with NEM Foundation’s allocation of funds.

I have to add that NEM Foundation missed the moment of having huge attention being in top 10 coins in terms of capitalization. It brings huge amount of interest towards the project and now I believe we lost it and the new council will have to set up an ingenious plan to take it back without spending millions.

It is also funny to look at comments about me being favorable towards one region. All of those 200+ people I’ve spoken with always had the same chances to convince me about the superiority of their project and I always chosen those I think deserved it the most. From all over the world. I’ve introduced projects from all over the world, different regions of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Americas.

Whats more, I was trying to influence Nelson to fund those projects that might do the biggest impact to NEM ecosystem. There are few projects that got the founding and I am extremely grateful for that. But there were projects that never got funding.
nemchange2 nemchange4

Unfortunately, it came out that Lon was supporting his friends from Bankera/Spectrocoin exchange and his own exchange implementation at this time and wasn’t interested in supporting any competition project. NEMchange was bought by Loyalcoin team few months after those initial talks with ExCo. I would love to see current ExCo explaining why did they hired multiple teams to implement the Mosaic Exchange but when almost handled with the opensource code they passed on the proposal.
I promise it won’t happen again. NEM can’t afford to lose those chances anymore.


good point. What actually happened with the ambitious plans to build an own exchange? I remember that they hired a company to build it ( from Australia) failed massively with that. What happened to the funding - is there an alternative plan?


I have some noob questions,(I deleted my question above as it is already being asked by @ManonLescaut).

My questions are(and yes they are a noob questions):

i) Is it important to maintain nodes, promote the establishment of more and make them cheaper?
ii) what would be your stance on “nodes”?
iii) Are they backbone of the network?
iv) If Nem up-scales then how is it proposed that node numbers increase to accommodate this?
v) Could there be a cheaper node option that might pay less but cost less, for those that might like to run a node at low expense?
vi) If Nem is easy to implement, point and click, then is setting up a node this easy?



@ManonLescaut as far as I know council wasn’t happy with the work of this Australian company, and it is not pursuing creation of any new exchange at the moment. In my opinion it is detrimental for projects that want to run tokens on NEM.

i) the more nodes in open sourced project, the better security (duh!), the more high quality nodes placed uniformly geographically, the better security. So far only attacks in the bitcoin network I was aware of were based on spoofing nodes, like sybil attacks, eclipse attacks, DoS attacks, but they mostly were fixed by updating the core. But… the more nodes, the better those updates can serve the community.
ii) NEM v1(NIS1) was easy to run on something like RaspberryPi. Few months back. Now, the requirements for running a node are too high even for my 2 year old laptop. Not good, especially when PoW, more throuhput network like bitcoin opts in RaspberryPi nodes. You can run both core + lightning on one small device. In the context of Catapult, which may be a huge step forward in connecting IoT with blockchain I would like to see easy plug and play solution, even in some cost of the throughput.
iii) yup
iV) look point ii
V) I would love to see NEM nodes being incentivized in some way. Waves almost nailed it with dPoS, but I think there is still space to make it a bit better. Delegated harvesting is hard to set up, you have to use external service to restart your harvesting and it does not incentivize node owners.
vi) so far setting up a node is easy. I had video prepared in which I am showing how to set it up in 1 minute on RaspberryPi, and was going to add tutorials for Windows and Ubuntu as well. Unfortunately hardware requirements for running a node went up unexpectedly and in pretty big scale (almost 10x in few weeks). So no for a video and no for running a node in decentralized way (I still have a node in the cloud though, but I don’t think those nodes adds security to the network).

And thanks for asking, I see many layers where NEM should be more critical towards itself, discuss solutions and execute them. We were lacking this attitude.


How do you know that, and how come nobody else seems to know it ?
How the F, is stuff like that never communicated properly to the community…it’s infuriating. Making big announcements and then completely forget whatever happens to the projects and then turn around and be butthurt when the community get’s on people’s case.


Hello Tony.
The depletion of SN reward is approaching.
Please tell me how you are thinking about this problem.


Really hard question and I don’t have an exact reply to it. SN topic is really hard to tackle.
On the one hand, it should reward the best nodes and big stake holders, on the other hand many of those nodes I’d guess running on cloud services.
I would opt into using some SilverCoin Funds to reward node owners, maybe in terms of just mining rewards instead of supernodes concept. I am personally into making it last for longer time as there are still untouched funds. But the problem is I don’t have any stake in the game by myself, I am not even close to owning a supernode and I would do some bigger research before opting into any solution.
And core developers also may have some opinion of their own, how they want to design this new system, especially that Supernodes aren’t really part of consensus. So the real answer is: I have no idea and I feel I am totally not important in the decision process at the moment. If it will change I’ll debate with people and try to make the best long-term decision.

@memario cause I asked. As you see above I had good relations with ex President and VP, that’s why when I found out about the NEM mosaic exchange in the making ( I did bring the topic of sponsoring the tech support or fully buying-out the source code. And I followed this topic with new Council members. Even that I had many issues with how Foundation operates, I was in constant contact with Kristof and Nelson, as they are both highly capable persons and not only about nemchange but other topics as well. Even that I am not working in the NEM Foundation I have many e-friends in it and I know almost every all Project Managers/Independent developers as I was looking for interesting topics and just a way of expanding NEM. One of the ways of doing it is getting a lot of knowledge about the whole ecosystem.
If you want to change the way of how communication is executed, vote for me. I was always open for all questions and wasn’t shy or patronizing to not answer them.


I didn’t feel like giving away every single aspect of my demographics and paying so I can’t vote for you…shrug