Tony (Bartlomiej Sanak) for NEM Council


I still had not congratulated you on your position for the council and I tell you now, congratulations Tony! I met Nem and I understood it thanks to your videos on YouTube, I am faithful a year ago to your channel and your tutorials, Tony do what you do to make this foundation have the transparency we need so much, a greeting from Spain and luck! we go with NEM


I hope the community votes you on the Council. I made a video on why I believe you would add value as a Council Member. You have my vote. Thanks for being a constant contributor and passionate community member for NEM.


Thank you @eddy. Spain is a great NEM country, strong development team from there! :slight_smile: And I am happy I could help, that was the goal of the channel :slight_smile:

Thank you @Inside_NEM, I really appreciate the video, and I am humbled by this opinion. Whether I will be elected or not I’d like to stay and contribute more, hopefully with you as the Leader. Those elections taught me it is not about the specific people but about the values they represent. You represent values I was looking for in NEM :v:


Thank you all for your support.


Hey Tony, it has always been a pleasure working with you. I’ll do my best to support the NEM Foundation 2.0 as well as the NEM Community to make NEM great again, and then - you can do your comeback! Rene /


good job tony!! happy new year nembers!!!