Will not invest in NEM anymore because of Poloniex :)


I have been in crypto landscape for about 7 months. Have mix of differwnt coins and NEM is one of them which I like a lot personally. I mostly had minor problems and solved them eventually. But when I had my first problem with NEM transfer to Poloniex from my wallet it failed because i forgot this ubiquious unique id thing. I know it is my mistake(despite I am a technical person) but I was not aware at the time that exchanges accumulating the coins on their account and doing the internal filtering with this id. Anyways to this date I have been waiting for almost 120 days from Poloniex support but they did not respond yet. I had also problems with ETH and BTC around the same times but they have been solved by the same exchange way way quicker. It looks like there is a preference and altcoins like NEM is not important and they simply don’t care about these coins. So why should I care if I am going to have problems unsolved with these coins. My perception is there are only a few coins that these exchanges really give importance to(every exchange has different priority but top list is same). I will be thinking twice when I go for a coin and will sell all my NEM when I get them back. Unless of course NEM team puts some pressure on exchanges and this has some impact. I really hope they get involved with this as I believe this is also their responsibility to give us the reassurance that NEM has also has some priority with these exchanges.


Yeah Poloniex support is very bad. What can I say to you is:
a) use bittrex to buy XEM. Support is quick if you have any problem
b) try to spam Poloniex Twitter account and create next support ticket with your problem


Thanks for the tip! I have tried everything. I really don’t think NEM is important for them. My tickets with ETH and BTC has been solved way quicker. I already moved out of Polo for other coins but dumped most of my altcoins. I seriously don’t think to invest in NEM anymore! They also have competitors catching up(technically) and they seem to be late for the PR anyways for the rest of the world other than Japan.

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Of course this is your choice where invest your money. Personally I believe in NEM technology. Good luck with Poloniex.

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I think this is a little bit unfair. You made a mistake by sending transaction without proper message and now try to blame NEM and it’s developers that they don’t put pressure on Poloniex to resolve NEM related tickets faster.

Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

I think that when you send your BTC or ETH, you double check the address you are sending to, so you should do the same for XEM.

Regarding the Poloniex support, I think that it is widely known that they are really slow. So if I were you I would triple check every address and message before sending to Poloniex…

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I think it is a bit unfair what you are trying to do here. If it was my intention to put blame on NEM team I wouldn’t even mention my mistake. You know it is my mistake because I told you that. :slight_smile: And you are ignoring the other information I have shared. This is my experience and perception that NEM is not that important for Polo (maybe it was before) and probably for some other exchanges too and it is my perception that they are loosing both interest of investors and exchanges and if NEM would like to gain more traction this should be one of the things they address in the future. I am not only talking about directly pushing Polo for solving NEM tickets quickly. This is part of a bigger problem making NEM more visible and “important”. And it is not the dev’s job but the management team’s in my opinion. Not trying to convince anybody just giving a feedback in NEM forum. And I am not that naive that NEM management will read this posts and jump into this problem but at least this makes a problem(IMHO) just a little bit more visible!


Please seach google for example with ‘reddit poloniex slow’ and you can find topics where people waiting 3months for 3-level verification or other not related with NEM topics.
I dont think it’s because for poloniex NEM is not important. They have very slow support :=)
Please try send (without message) other alt that requires message and we will so how long your ticket will be resolved.
On other hand if I have written to bittrex in NEM related topics I have always answer in couple hours.
Thats mean that for bittrex NEM is very important? No! They support is just very quick :slight_smile:

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You are right in one thing! NEM is now just one of those many coins(which also has the same visibilty/importance problem). This is what I was also trying to refer! Yes bittrex now has the capacity to be fast but when they don’t have the capacity for support(which might happen one way or the other) which coin do you think they will give priority to? NEM? I don’t think so! :slight_smile:


I just refer to this Poloniex has pure support. Doesn’t matter if it’s related with Poloniex account 3-level verification or BTC account problem or another coin. Maybe indeed ETH or BTC has separate support (I don’t expect that other coins may have) team but maybe you have just bad luck with NEM related ticket (or luck with ETH/BTC ;)).
First of all problem with the deposit to exchange is Poloniex customer problem.
The customer can buy every other coin than NEM (BTC, ETH and so on). If the customer has a bad experience with the support he moves money to another exchange with good support and exchange lose money and reputation.
I know many people operating BTC/ETH that because of pure support responses move they money to another exchange.
That’s why I don’t think it’s related with NEM more than with other coins at all. It’s just Poloniex support responses that should be fixed. Or we should stop using it.

You have own opinion on this topic but I have a little bit different.
Anyway, good luck with Poloniex support :slight_smile:


You are right we definitely has different opinions but for the record I don’t think they have separate teams for coins either they are just allocating most of their resources for the tickets related to priority coins as far as I am concerned! Very unfortunate for the coins like NM which are technically superior to many other coins! Thanks for the good wishes. :slight_smile:

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I unequivocally believe that with this coin there are many problems with transactions between exchanges, and this is evident from the branches of the forum and the number of dissatisfied people. It is unambiguous that HEM is very attractive in terms of investment, but at this stage it has 2 fatty minuses, because of which many owners began to get out of it: 1 persistent problems in translations between exchanges and 2 minus the high cost of the transfers themselves. HEM has a large number of competitors who are deprived of these problems, who breathe in her back depriving it of all advantages, and also new ones appear every day. Therefore, if such a trend continues, then this coin in its current form will not be a competitor. !!!


fees are super low and i never had any problem since i can read.


I really like the coin, it is very attractive for investment, but your comment is clueless, unobjective. Probably you do not read forum branches where people write about their problems, probably you have special conditions of transfers on stock exchanges. I wrote my constructive criticism, so that the developers improved the quality of the coin and it became better and more competitive. As for what is cheap!)) take the leading stock exchanges where there is this coin and
you will find the cost of output from 15-30 XEM,and the competitors 0.01-0.1


lol you are so wrong…put in some time and read all of my topics. and coments you will soon find out who is clueless.


Coins, wallets and exchanges are still in BETA version v1.0 - some possibly BETA v2.0. Crypto is not grandma or noob friendly. It will be in the future but it isn’t there yet. There will be issues. It just takes time and patience to resolve.

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If you have your XEMs and still want to sell P2P, please let us know. I will be glad to buy some!


I’m not selling :slight_smile: Use exchanges.

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