2018 NEM Foundation elections


hi there, there some questions from my end:

  1. NEM.io Foundation Ltd (Singapore) is the company limited by guarantee. As the member of NEM foundation, what’s the limited guarantee we are bearing ? Is there an amount like 1USD per member ? or 1000 USD per member ?

  2. Since member will be bearing limited liability of the company, can we get financial report being issued, so the member will have clear picture what kind of limited risk they are facing ?

  3. Is the voting private or public ? how we prevent buying voting if there is no privacy of voting by every member ?

  4. Do we allow the 500 XEM being paid by third party, rather than the member him/herself ? will third fund the 500 XEM leads to buying vote ?

  5. For the new elected leaders, will they be assigned as new directors of NEM Foundation Limited ( The GLC company ) ?

  6. Will any financial reports being reviewed in EGM ? Can we get it earlier so we can accumulate some questions ?


Another question:
How many council members can I vote for?
I believe I should be able to choose to vote for up to 6 council members.
If we had only 1 vote, 500 people would end up voting for nelzon and 15 trolls for Pontifier and only these two would be elected


haha ,15 trolls will vote for Pontifier… so true. Good one !


I will look back on the achievements of our NEM Foundation.

It seems that NEM Foundation was performing wonderful activities in 2018.
Where did the budget go?

Mobile application development


Catapult roadmap decision

XEM Price

What should I appreciate?
Does something change in the election?

Development should be the most priority.
It is a top priority. Does the NEM Foundation know the priority?


on this point i agree with you. thank you for the info


I believe Jeff was the one in charge of hiring devs for the mobile wallets. However once Jeff vacated his role of vice-president, no one in the foundation picked up where he had left off.

There are a lot of other projects/contributors that have been dropped/ignored by the foundation as well. I am confident the right leader would make all these things right again.


This vote is a tragedy. It pains me to see that not even the voting rules seem clear. The conduct of these elections does not look very professional.


So if I haven’t signed up for Foundation membership, I’m unable to vote on the elections?


That’s right.


So wondering how this process is unfolding so far ?
Has any confirmed, membership mosiac been sent out yet ?
I mean there are 4 days left until candidacy closes … how can some one put themselves up if they do not know if they are going to be an official Member ?

I have some other concerns - There where some issues and questions raised around this process by the community, yet no official response from Nem foundation on these questions.

Another concern is that apart from Nelz, I have read no responses on this forum from other council members ?
Which leads me to believe they are not active on the forums, which raises another big concern that they do not care about the online community ? Only concerned about local.

I kinda now understanding better why Jaguar raised some concerns. The Devs seem to respond more than Council Members to the online community. If it was not for a handful of people Alex, Nelz, some others and other Nembers from the community , I guess we would have not idea what is going on…
This then to me, looks like the offline council is serving only their local interests, which is ok, as this should be their focus, but part of their responsibility should be globally as well.
How do you build a diversified online community, if communication is one sided and local interest is only served.

Also so far we have only heard of 5 people running for positions - 2 President candidates (Also going for vice presidency ); 1 Secretary and 2 Council members.
Surely this can not be the only ones ?
Nem was founded in Singapore, surely there would be some candidates form there, how about exciting founding members, are they up for candidacy? If there are, why are they not reaching out to the online community ? My one conclusion would be that the online community do not matter and that votes are being canvassed or arranged from else where ? Surely if other candidates do not even mention themselves online, that means they are confidante enough to obtain a position from voters elsewhere or they might be plainly naive ?

Why do I get the feeling that come 16 Nov, suddenly we will have a both load of candidates, most of whom the online community never has heard from. We will ask them questions and not hear back from them and most of the unknowns will be elected, which means this all would just have been smoke and mirrors ?

Where are the by laws of the foundation regarding the elections process etc. We need to be able to go throught them, understand them and also become familiar with the process to raise a legal objections if the rules are not followed?

Who are the current members overseeing the elections and making sure the rules are followed.
One of the rules should be, due to Nem wanting to be a global organisations and also wanting to mirror the core characterizing of a blockchain, being decentralized and open, all candidates must be active on Nem online public channels, at the least?

Would be interesting to see the demographics breakdown of all official members, I mean if there are 200 and 100 are from Singapore, mmm it is going to be kinda obvious that a majority rule is going to occur here.

This would also make sense why I heard a rumor about a possible fork…

Anyways there are a lot of unknown and uncertainty hanging about and this all is starting to look like a micky mouse setup. I hope I am wrong on this, everyone might just be doing all of this part time and that would explain a lot.


I strongly believe this needs to be addressed and changed.
Every member needs up to 6 votes for council members to remove trolls.
There is no reason for only 1 vote for council members.
Please support me on this!


Yeah agree, would make sense. Otherwise you have factions forming.





Hi NEM, is there an error with [email protected], my sent email keep bounced.


Can you kindly send an email to [email protected]? They’ll be able to help you out.


Thank you! Will do.



Of the three candidates, two people ignore PoI.
I do not like that board.

Alex is fighting the fraud election.


POI it wouldn’t change the fact that there is only 2 candidates for the Presidency and one for VP.
Your strategy has failed. You should have convinced someone else to go to VP/Presidency.


where is the link that shows all the candidates running?