2019 NEM VS Competitors


Thank you for your interest, you can find out more at www.nem.io or go through the forum posts.

Also thanks @blockchainup for compiling the latest news stories!


That’s great update so far. Glad to get your reply. However I found a source a few hours ago https://cryptolinks.com/altcoin-exchange Can I try there?


A lot of interesting information, thank you for sharing!


Who is the main NEM’s competitor for now?


I would guess for private chains the leading project is Hyperledger and all other private chains like ours is competing against it.

For the public chain, the leading project is Ethereum and all other public chains are competing against it.

In both cases, I firmly believe we offer a better product in many ways but of course not all ways, but have struggled to get the name recognition and community behind us. The best product doesn’t always win. We realize this and are trying to address that problem.


I suppose that depends on what the actual needs are. I think it’s impossible to determine what is best in a general way.

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Agree 100% with that, otherwise XEM will be on the top 5 on the Marketcap.
I think Hyperledger and Corda overtake Private NEM because TB and NF did not have a strategy with the product.
Ethereum games VS NEM games, except Kripto Football, all the game projects based in NEM did not get any attention. Only you have to see the quality of Gods Unchainted or Zombie Battleground trying to compite with Hearthstone. Esports and game industry is huge.
Brave Browser, NEM has Noiz project with Marketing ads and banners. Some people believe that Brave is the new chrome or google.
Financial Trade industry, huge market for Blockchain. NEM has to be there. So yeah we have a lot of competitors and newcomers every day, Ontology overtook nem recently, Crypto.com chain is growing a lot…
Consensys, Nem is not part of any constortium or association and there are few out there that NEM should be there.


I’m not sure, but it could be ETH and NEO


Many see ETH as a competitor and want to outrun it but I’ve never heard about NEO


As far as I know, NEO builds its own blockchain for dapps, but in this way, I’d compare it to EOS


I think NEO has nothing special, it is not the main competitor


ETH, EOS, Cardano to name a few.

The likes of hyperledger have IBM behind them, and as IBM are well known, most big players are more likely to go with a well known established brand name.


Yep, there are many blockchains with similar options


Yeah, that’s true, Stellar has insured its way with IBM merger


Seems like Eth is losing market share, and being replaced mostly by Tron and EOS.


I’d speculate that some of that % market share would have gone to NEM if it was still in the top ten.


I think ETH will get these market shares back


But how do you think they will do it? I was hoping a hardfork will do the magic, but…


Yeah, actually, there are many more available options that I thought


People expect too much from cryptocurrencies. Crypto is a new thing in our world, it needs time to develop


I’m not really following ETH news but seems like they have nothing new to offer, am I mistaken?