AEM+ Multi Currency Wallet App [supporting Symbol (XYM) Testnet and NEM Blockchain (XEM)] is live!

Sorry, I had to update this comment. I now got clarification.

If you created a token on Symbol without description it will only display an ID number.

Therefore this is correct. You have to name your token for it to display a name. Let us know if you have more questions? Thanks

Manually updated to the latest.

Good, therefore the reason it says “object” is because the token has no name. It only has an ID number.

In the next upgrade we will consider changing that description to “unnamed mosaic” for tokens with no name to make it clearer.


This mosaic has the name ecob.

Thank you for identifying the bug once again. I have sent it to the team and we will roll out another fix to correct this.

We are working towards an April upgrade but if we identify significant fixes we will do them more quickly.

Looking at your screenshot it appears the transactions carry the correct name of your token. Also based on our tests it appears there shouldn’t be an issue. Can you please resend the screenshot of your screen with the mosaic balance once again?

I can see that you have now upgraded into the latest version as your screen is finally in Japanese.

It is possible that your screenshots showing the English version were still from the old version of the app.

This is why we need to check once again please.

Thanks God Tanu. We appreciate all the screenshots. Now that we identified where the display bug sits we will resolve it for everyone. It will be done with the next upgrade. We will notify everyone once this is ready


A mosaic was displayed with a quick update. Great!


We are happy to help!


Which Test version is supported?
Operation is unstable.

Hi, we are upgrading to the new testnet version next week.

Note; the testnet upgrade means it will be a new network so you won’t have access to the old testnet.

BTW, We will also activate the Bitcoin wallet then.


AEM will be my BTC’s main mobile wallet👍🏻

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The new wallet is live. Enjoy:


Good job .

Excellent looking app, but will you be adding ProximaX (XPX) support? I have been using the mobile ProximaX Wallet 2.0 & it supports XEM and Mosaics & XPX flawlessly!

I look forward to trying out your wallet, thanks.

Thank you, we are very happy you like the app. We were actually looking into integrating with Proxima X before. But at the moment we have decided to prioritise other milestones. As we all self funded we need to focus on our commercial platform that is currently under development, but as soon as we have the budget and complete other milestones we would definitely like to add XPX

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I appreciate the response, I have downloaded your wallet and will review it after I get a chance to transfer some funds to it to try it out fully; I will be sure to keep an eye out for any bugs too. I look forward to seeing this app evolve and I really appreciate your contribution to the NEM ecosystem. Also happy to hear you have already contemplated adding XPX, the NEM and crypto economies are growing stronger with the support of developers/people like you! Thanks :mouse2:

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Thank you, definitely let us know if you see any bugs or necessary fixes. We are in the early stage of development so we are working on making the app better with each upgrade.

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