Branding Proposal

I am not a mothertounge English speaker too, and I completely agree.

I don’t like “Symbol from NEM”, so I would not use that words.

However, I think the meaning and usage of the words “Symbol from NEM” is correct.

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‘Symbol by NEM’ sounds better to me as well.

But grammatically you can use either one …

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The proposition ’from’ is perfectly fit for this statement.
Like anything with branding/creative, it’s subjective and different people will have differing opinions.

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You are correct the the statement is more clear and correct for purpose.
Grammatically sound as well. :slight_smile:

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When will the official site appear at the top of google?
What is your marketing and SEO progress?

What are some of the results your marketing experts have produced?


They said they would use paid search ads but haven’t done so. The multilingual website launch is also behind schedule. One month until the planned launch date. I think it’s lazy. I am completely disappointed in the marketing team.


Multi language site will launch Monday, Nov 16th. SEO is coming along, but it takes some time.
Hope you will enjoy the multi language versions of the site when they launch.

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I’m not amateur, so that excuse won’t work for me.
Please do your work at a high level.


What are the numbers, both planned and actual, for the following items?

When do you need to be #1 on google?
How long do you spend on SEO for that?
When do you need to launch your website considering the SEO period?

What is the purpose and target of the website you are launching?
(Details. Not in the abstract, like “for branding purposes.”)

Do you think your branding is currently on track? Or is it not going well?

If things are not going well, what do you need to do now?


At the moment, the name is very inconvenient when searching.
I can’t get to the information I’m looking for.
I have given up

Speaking of which, when I criticized the name Symbol, it was explained to me that
“Apple is Apple”.

I miss it very much. :joy:


So, I take your point that when you search for ‘Symbol’ we may not come up #1 - when you search for Symbol Platform, Symbol Blockchain and Symbol crypto, however we do.

The multi language sites will launch today and have the same target audiences as the English Symbol Platform site.

With new entities coming online (such as Software co.), the targets will change and branding will evolve.

I don’t have hard numbers for you but I will bring it to the higher up Marketing Team. There was an October metrics report in the recent newsletter that tracks engagement and numbers (both up and down) for all of our channels.


It’s funny.


What are you talking about?


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Finally, the Japanese version has been released. There are a lot of wrong and unfamiliar Japanese expressions and I enjoy finding them. Thanks for the high-level work.


why didn’t those responsible call in some proof readers from the Japanese community to determine the correctness of the translation? They could certainly have been rewarded with a small expense allowance. Whatever.
Today I read an interesting saying: “Copying is boring.”
Shouldn’t that also apply to errors? Why always the same mistakes?
Why don’t we learn from it?


Why is this post being deleted?


What do you think is most necessary for a public blockchain?

I think “transparency”, “openness” is one of them.

I don’t want to control speech.


All my posts speaking about Laura or Alex are instantly delete.

Last time, I answer to someone who was asking “where is Alex ?”

I just said that she created a new Twitter profil named “inside token” and used the reputation she got from beeing NEM President for it (And her twitter was speaking about all cryptos exept NEM for weeks lol)

I got a ban for this lol (And Alex, who was disconnected for months just connected this day, what a surprise :slight_smile:)

So yes, you can’t speak about the great Laura too. She is the best :slight_smile:

Note: Before beeing deleted, my post has been changed by admin. The end of my post was:

  • You always say “You are wrong, we are the best, we are pro” instead of saying “Sorry, we will fix it”

Laura is delusional (Like her friend Alex) so she can’t accept she or her colleague made a mistake. She always has to say "it is wrong, you are wrong. Looks, we are the first on Google if you type “NEM crypto”


It is not true, that you only said that. In your post were personal attacks and wrong accusations and you were warned many times before to stop it. It was said many times that any criticism, ideas and opinions are welcome, but personal attacks and wrong accusations are not.

So this post here is again off-topic and again an attempt to spread falsehood.

Also, you didn’t get banned, but silenced for some days because you ignored all warnings before.

I will now silence you for an even longer period and hope you finally undertand. This is the last silencing from me, next time it is a lifetime ban.


Noting the facts is considered an attack is wrong.

On the contrary, it is all the nember guys who are really under attack.
Thanks to childish marketing