Breeze - A full featured social app with integrated payment technology powered by the NEM Blockchain


If there are no concerns I have decided to provide bounty holders a silver token too since they did do the work on translations and support of the project.

To answer a few questions on the silver bar tokens.

Bars are purchased from:
Front is engraved: Breeze 2017 Supporter Silver Bar
Back is engraved: Privacy For All

Will post a picture once they arrive.
There is no deadline to redeem the token, hold it as long as you like in your NEM account…trade it, sell it, etc. To redeem the physical item, follow the instructions in the description of the token.

Always open to questions. Thanks!


how is development proceeding? :slight_smile:


Slower then planned. Will post an update this week on current functionality and the link to the google app.


In case I wanted that silver bar, what do I have to do?

If I understand it correctly:

  1. We receive the mosaics
  2. When we decide to redeem the silver token, we just send the mosaics to the address in the description of the mosaics.
  3. We get the token.

Is that right? I haven´t received any mosaics & made the Slovak translations.


Yes. Send Mosaic to redeem address. Include encrypted message with name/address.

Will check the bounty list and send.


Hi Bruce,
Happy New Year to you. Any update on the project? Thanks,


Still working on coding and getting ready for the launch on Google Play store. Will post some significant updates as soon as I have something of substance to share.


Thanks for the update!




Will have to reach out to you and determine if a bridge can be made between apps. Breeze is focused on connecting with those you love and care about, not really about meeting new people, but adding a module that provides a UClans feature might be possible.
App full launch will be this month, everyone backing the project will be glad to hear. It has taken much much longer then expected to develop the fundamental app.



Can you tell us a bit more? :slight_smile:


hi! any news on this project? is that thing works?


Looks like a nice and ambitious project. Good luck with your idea!