Proposal | Unlocking the $160 Billion Gift Card Market


Only about 48 hours left to vote — Tell your friends that we need more POI!


Yes other Charlie! We do need more POI indeed!


Great point other Charlie!


Go brifs! :raised_hands:


Woot Woot!


Me and most of XEM holders don’t have enough interest, knowledge, time and information to make such decisions.
Most of XEM holders doesn’t even aware of this proposal.
Therefore I believe it is NEM foundation responsibility to decide in witch projects to invest.


I totally understand your thinking here. I believe that the NCF as it exists today is in an early experimentation phase and the root of the thesis, DAO fund, is a noble one. I think that everyone is learning as they go along and will make adjustment to make it increasing optimized.


Certainly a Yes for me! Voting is still on going, cast your votes!


Cheers MatgabX! Thank you for all of your help getting the word out too. You have been instrumental in the progress we have made.

If I had three hands, I’d give you 3 things up!


Voting yes now, good luck, and hope it brings more exposure in the US for NEM.


Thank you Suky! We’re really excited to begin the next steps.


It’s community fund. That’s why community decide and vote.
If you are not only investor but also community member please find time, read proposal or watch interview/video (if you have less time) and decide :slight_smile:


How many brands are already partnered? How will you go about making new bizdev relationships with thousands of new brands?