Can't start harvesting (error)

What’s your delegated public key when you click “Show delegated accounts keys”? There should be cfeb0801da06d00490c44f3ecb81f74cd85acdc29ac8acde9f2d047e657ff280.

If there is cfeb0801da06d00490c44f3ecb81f74cd85acdc29ac8acde9f2d047e657ff280 then in my opinion you should:

  1. First you need clear remote account to don’t have any XEM there. Right now there is 0.15 XEM. To do this. Go to view visible when you click “Show delegated accounts keys”. Put password. Delegated Private key will be presented.

You need create new private key wallet (Sign up -> Private key wallet option), choose mainnet, password and provide delegated private key. Login to this account and send back this 0.15 XEM (0.1XEM + 0.05XEM fee) back to your main account. There should be 0 balance presented

  1. Next login back to your main account. Go to delegated account and you need deactivate account you activated by mistake previously. You need put custom public key for that and choose DEACTIVATE. Public key for is 9dcb804059dc757c2a7749831aff4dd5f2abaecc5040876a089f2af5e1ccf476.
    Now you need wait 6 hours to deactivate.

  2. After deactivating wrong account you need activate correct one (NDE6WAOHBUMIFQZYJFDI5KC4UOKVZRAFEMYHD2KJ). Again go to manage delegated account and ACTIVATE NDE6WAOHBUMIFQZYJFDI5KC4UOKVZRAFEMYHD2KJ. Again wait 6 hours.

After that you activation status should be ACTIVE and you should be able to start harvesting.

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Login to this account and send back this 0.15 XEM (0.1XEM + 0.05XEM fee) back to your main account. There should be 0 balance presented

Here I cannot figure out where to send to which address exactly? I’m already confused … But I created a new account, as you wrote by the delegated key.

I also have a question, is my account recovery data past and will it remain? Since I have already laminated them, I will lose them as a friend and I cannot later restore my account.


I also have a question, is my account recovery data past and will it remain? Since I have already laminated them, I will lose them as a friend and I cannot later restore my account.

Your main account private key will not change if you asking this.

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I’m already confused, I first sent 0 to the NBJUIZ2K6ZTTSDDSGRA3A6MZFXCWJ6ZLXGAUODCP wallet. The 0.05 commission was removed from me, in short, I realized that I did something wrong, and again I returned 0.05 from the main account to the balance from where I sent it.

Either passwords or keys do not fit, the head is already walking, why is everything so complicated? It’s just awful! For a beginner, this is torment …

Now I still don’t know what to do with this new account, which I created using the delegated key, you can delete it, I won’t need it in the future?

I told you to clear balance for
NDE6WAOHBUMIFQZYJFDI5KC4UOKVZRAFEMYHD2KJ no matter how just send it all away because only empty account can be activated as remote.

And next you can move to point 2.

When you clear this remote account you will not need this wallet you just created. It is only to send back this xem.

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I did everything 0 on the balance on that account, and then what? I went into the main account, then into the management of the delegated account, I inserted 9dcb804059dc757c2a7749831aff4dd5f2abaecc5040876a089f2af5e1ccf476 into the line of the public key of the remote account. I chose the deactivation mode, then I try to send 0.15 NEM, I enter the password, and I receive the error FAILURE_IMPORTANCE_TRANSFER_IS_NOT_ACTIVE.

If it’s already deactivated you can try activate for correct account (without putting public key manually). Point 3.

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Writes the transaction was successfully sent, see if I did everything correctly? And can I delete the wallet access file that I recently created? I won’t need it anymore, will I?

Remote status ACTIVATING, and then what should I do?

I still have such a question, now I can put 33,000 tokens for harvesting, but soon it will be possible to put an additional 50,000 tokens. I don’t understand how I can also put them later?

You need to wait six hours to activate.
After that you will be able to start harvesting on chosen node.

Here you have some tutorial how to start harvesting when active

When vesting balance will increase you must do nothing. Your importance score will increas and you will have bigger chance to hit block.

Maybe you will be able also staking on newly created community portal.

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Thank you, in 6 hours I’ll try to run it, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll write to you here.

I also did not understand from the previously created account, the account access file can be deleted, right?

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Oh, it turned out kind of like) Thank you so much!

Another question, if I want to withdraw tokens to a different address, will I need to stop harvesting?

No you don’t need to stop harvesting.
But if your vested balance decrease below 10000 xem then harvesting will stop automatically.

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By the way, I just entered my wallet, my harvesting status is no longer active, although it was active yesterday. Why?

I restarted.

Harvesting will stop if node you are connected will restart.

Also, if you using Trezor or you importing wlt file each time then wallet don’t remember which node you selected to harvest on. In such a case you must point to the node you were connected to allow check wallet on a correct node if you still harvesting there.

There is also a helpful tool which restarts automatically for you:
And tutorial for it:

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As I understand it, I need to follow the link - and enter the private key of the delegated account and my mail and that’s it? Is it really safe?

Yes. It’s safe to share delegated private key.

Just don’t put there your main account private key!

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Did, I wrote [object ProgressEvent] does this mean that everything is ready?

Is Automated restarts of delegtated harvesing a running service? There is no reply to my E-mail address even though I sent it.

Not sure if it’s still active.
Asked here & for sale

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thank you! I will also ask.