Can't start harvesting (error)

Harvesting will stop if node you are connected will restart.

Also, if you using Trezor or you importing wlt file each time then wallet don’t remember which node you selected to harvest on. In such a case you must point to the node you were connected to allow check wallet on a correct node if you still harvesting there.

There is also a helpful tool which restarts automatically for you:
And tutorial for it:

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As I understand it, I need to follow the link - and enter the private key of the delegated account and my mail and that’s it? Is it really safe?

Yes. It’s safe to share delegated private key.

Just don’t put there your main account private key!

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Did, I wrote [object ProgressEvent] does this mean that everything is ready?

Is Automated restarts of delegtated harvesing a running service? There is no reply to my E-mail address even though I sent it.

Not sure if it’s still active.
Asked here & for sale

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thank you! I will also ask.