[Caution] About award.nempioneer Mosaic

Yes, it’s mine - sent to you to keep as a thanks for all you do for the community.

The details of it are here:

It’s meant to be kept as a vanity symbol, like an Oscar. The levy is to encourage its value as a keepsake.
But yes, if you decided to pass it on, there is a 10 XEM levy on it, as explained on the website.


NEM is still very new over this side of the world, so I had not appreciated how mosaics had become a problem in Japan. When you look in NanoWallet, it’s kind of obvious a levy is attached (it’s not exactly hidden).

But I see that it could be used for bad purposes - thanks for the mosaic you sent as a reminder of that, @mizunashi

(Could that be the world’s first libel encoded in blockchain lol)

From now on, there are no more freebie awards :slight_smile:


Ps It does raise some interesting questions about mosaics in general - questions that may need to be addressed if NEM gets the kind of adoption we hope for.

Levy in business logic is used by Dimcoin et al.

There are other coins in Japan, but the mosaic (token) culture is very long. Mosaic of NEM has been used commonly since last year.

However, the individual mosaic with Levy became a big problem.
Therefore, there are no people who use it now in Japan.
At least within Japan, it is treated as Scam.

Also, there is another mosaic which is owned by your namespace.

Mosaic: award.hot-potato


Similarly, the site is prepared.

This mosaic is transmitted 1000 Mosaic from your address to NEM Mainnet Faucet.
Normally, it will be distributed at NEM Mainnet Faucet, bonus.

I have contacted the administrator of Mainnet Faucet now.
“It’s an intentional Levy, so it is out of Faucet coverage”.

Until you report.

That didn’t translate well, what does “until you report” mean?

Yes, that’s a mosaic experiment to encourage mosaic understanding and help people get used to the idea of mosaics and moving them around.

The website clearly explains the intention of the mosaic and the mosaic links to the website.
Hardly the definition of a “scam”.

And in any case, there are no “rules” anywhere to say what is acceptable use of mosaics or not.

Why shouldn’t a mosaic be used this way?
How can using the blockchain functionality in the intended way be unacceptable?

Personally, I think only as a fraud. It has nothing to do with “Fraudulent fraud” which became popular in Japan before.
It is not even for NEM.
I do not feel any need for Levy.
This is my opinion, so I will not write personal opinions in the future.

On twitter, you are writing “defamation” and “defiling the future of NEM” against me.
Whatever you do, I can accept anything, so please act as I like.

In addition, the manager of the NEM Mainnet faucet has informed you about the content of the prohibition of sending the Levy mosaic to the top page.
Please check it.



I took a questionnaire on twitter.
There were 308 votes in 10 hours.
I thought that I just referred it, I will introduce it here.

Below, English translation

Summary of the incident

  1. Distributed mosaic nempioneer to people contributing to NEM.
    (Levy 10xem)
  2. This is a game. Let’s send it to someone as soon as a token called hot-potato arrives.
    (Levy 1 xem)

Creator is saying social experiment.
I would like to know certain Japanese ideas.
Vote! !


  • good 24%
  • bad 38%
  • Annoyance 38%


I have inconvenienced you a great deal this time.
With the meaning of reflection, I decided to pause the activities at the forum.
However, as for the matter which is active in the thread of announcement, I will not quit, so I will only work there.

I am truly sorry.

The faucet message is NEW - it wasn’t there when I sent the hot potato award, and there was already a token with levy in there, so how was it possible to know?

Answer: it wasn’t.

But it’s good that these things are clarified.

I accept your apology and I’m truly sorry too if my experiment was an annoyance.

Personally, I feel something like the hot potato could be good for the community. You said that token swapping is popular in Japan, and I’m sure that mosaic swapping has played a part in NEMs popularity over there. I believe that hot potato is something that western audiences can understand and relate to in a similar way.

Maybe it shouldn’t have had a levy, but at the end of the day there is a cost in namespace and mosaic rental, and with only 40k accounts a small levy seemed a good way to cover costs on this experiment . !Is that so bad? I don’t think so.

As for your hacker mosaic, I do think you need to reconsider who you send this to. It is highly defamatory and could land you and/or NEM creators in legal trouble if the account you send it to is not actually a hacker!

That is not a personal attack, and for the record, I have no intention of taking legal action in this instance, but merely warning that lawyers - especially in the West- will chase the money in crypto one day, and this mosaic is a big risk to NEM

In this case, if you want to send me the levy I’ll send it back to you with 10Xem to cover the pioneer mosaic levy and we can consider this an interesting and valuable learning experience on all sides.


To: @RobW
Cc: @BloodyRookie , @Quantum_Mechanics , @Saul

In Japan, there is a track record that many people use from non-NEM token models.

I thought that I could do this with NEM, and I posted an article a long time ago.
Currently, more to this, tokens with images will be traded on a regular basis at about a few ¢ ~ 300 $.

In fact, the mosaic of NEM is made to be able to register images in Japanese only environment. A culture of mosaic and images combined and distributed by everyone has established.
What is amazing here is that NanoWallet is unnecessary. It is possible to send Mosaic as well as xem.
And there is no sending Fee.
All we need is tweet against bot account.
Such a mechanism is built not only for NEM but also for programs that can be used in various currencies. (Producer is different)

And now, from the stage of playing with mosaics, we are in the stage of using it conveniently.

Distribute the mosaic in advance instead of the admission ticket and present it at the entrance.

Also, in the example using Levy, we will send a mosaic with Levy when purchasing various tickets. (Meaning reservation)
When a participant buys a real ticket, it sends the mosaic to the issuer in a deposit-like way and returns it.

Since various attempts have already been done, reaction in Japan may not be worth it.

I understood the matter of iteration of BTW and mosaic.
Since I can not erase from the block chain, what should I do in the future?
Whether there is a problem, it is possible to send funds to return hacker mosaic from here as well.

I think that there is a difference in recognition in the area, so I hope that this will be useful for future NEM. I think that it became a good material.

  • Want to make a method that does not receive mosaics that you do not want?
  • Do you need to implement whether to receive or not to receive mosaics with Levy?
  • Set some restrictions on issuance of mosaic with Levy.
  • Etc

I think that thinking and implementing these are very good for NEM.


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Agreed, I think this has been a very useful experience, and I hope that these discussions around mosaics help make NEM stronger in the long run.

As well as these questions around mosaics, I think there is also a question about NEM messages and possible future defamation issues.

Because the blockchain is public and immutable, which means it’s not possible to reverse or “make amends” in the case a damaging statement, I think there is a case for making messages ALWAYS encrypted.

That way, neither the NEM Foundation, the super nodes nor anyone else can ever be accused of publishing defamatory material… because the encryption makes it private between the parties (accounts) involved in the transaction.

This would create challenges with exchanges, of course, but presumably they must have a local NIS / hot PK for signing outgoing transactions, so decoding messages should be ok.


Ps - I very much respect the service you provide to keep the community safe, @mizunashi, and looking back, it’s funny how expressing my gratitude with a nempioneer mosaic turned your gaze on me :joy:

I created a self-signed document that the transaction I sent was a mistake.
I registered with Openapostille, please refer.
I can only do this, I’m sorry.


Thankyou @mizunashi, I appreciate you making it right. I made a mistake not setting the amount when sending the hacker mosaic back, and it seems the wallet allows for a 0 transfer!! Please can you send levy again.

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I sent this TX hash.

After a while it will be reflected in nembex.


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Thankyou again, @mizunashi - I see it, and we’re all good now.

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Thank you for everything.

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What does this post mean?
I am sorry but I could not understand it.

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