Coinbase Speculation

Coinbase is rumored to be adding more coins in 2018. Does anyone care to weigh in on wether or not there is a possibility that XEM could be added to Coinbase in 2018?

No way they are. No. Way.

Good news!

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I do not use them and have done ok.
Are they a trading platform?
IMHO the user interface gives a lot more than the hype.
How do you rate their UI?

I feel like once upon a time we had a shot, but we lost so much momentum that were out of the game now.

NEM is not open source. It will never be listed on Coinbase because of that. Open source is a prerequisite in their listing framework.

Once it is after Catapult launches then it will be eligible. There are coins far lower down the ranks they’re considering so it’s in with a shot.

I thought Mijin was the private chain? I thought NEM was open source and that was part of the reason there was an adoption / teaching effort in universities etc. If NEM wasn’t open source, then some of the previous use cases would be extremely unethical . . .

Nope. NEM has never been open source. Mijin is private as in only accessible to the people you select. NEM is publicly accessible but closed source.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something. Didn’t the former Chief Technical Officer, allegedly serve in the PeaceCorps? If NEM has never been open source - does that mean the Foundation electively supported the Maduro government?

@Inside_NEM - could you provide some insight?

The Petro still doesn’t really exist. It abandoned the idea of using NEM a long time ago. Last I heard they were attempting to base it on Dash’s technology but it’s probably still nothing other than a few PDFs.

Ok - @Inside_NEM I’d still like to have a better understanding of the relationship between the Nem Foundation and Government entities.

This probably deserves its own thread.

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The short answers to your questions:

The ask about “the former CTO allegedly serving in PeaceCorps” is just bait for nonsense. Yes, Jeff was in PeaceCorps. No, he’s not working with Maduro. No, Foundation isn’t working with Maduro. I’m hoping this ends this discussion and focus stays on Catapult (which is tangible unlike speculation.)

Foundation works with all kinds of businesses/universities/governments building on open source blockchain technology. NDAs are in place for many. Many partnerships have already been disclosed and can be found in NEM News/past updates. Nothing really to share on this now.



Thanks for the follow up.