Community Fund Proposal: BlockGrain - Automating the grain supply chain with NEM


Hi Truk.
The voting information will be displayed in the whitepaper shortly. Whitepapers are normally up for discussion for 5+ days before voting starts.

We are aware that there have been some issues with setting up polling and we are looking at solutions now.



Its a YES vote from me! Best of luck guys, you deserve to have this succeed!


Have been following BlockGrain with interest. Awesome product with huge potential. Yes from me.


I have worked in the grain shipping, trucking Industry and in logistics.
Yes there is a need to eliminate wasted time, product, fuel and workforce.
Lot of guys use Ipads or similar devices.
Big yes from me.


Thanks. However I am unable to vote yes because the voting feature in the Nanowallet says: “Voting Center is under maintenance and being upgraded for next release.”


Go to send and send 0 xem to this address as a yes.
yep just send to that address. no xem needed.

EDITED— address removed see post below ----

Someone correct me if I am wrong.


You are wrong. This is pool address not yes address in this poll. @BlockGrain_SW please put correct yes/no addresses.


If you want vote, please send 0 XEM transaction to one of addresses below:


I found this data in explorer:

And confirmed in Nanowallet 1.4.13 (because sometimes yes/no addresses are swapped places in explorer).


8 Days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results
~0.59% POI already voted (required 3%)


Voting details:


A big YES from me!


Thanks Dan, much appreciated.

Thank you for your support. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the vote. :slight_smile:

The voting information has now been updated with additional details for the direct YES/NO votes.

Done. Thanks for this.

Brilliant! Thanks for your support.


Big yes from me.
I could also see this kind of application in the pharmaceutical industry.
Tracking the supply chain and the proof of origin of pharmaceuticals/drugs could make quality control a lot easier.


I’ve been working with the BlockGrain team based out of the Blockchain Centre Melbourne and have been sharing with them about the NEM blockchain potential. I have already mentioned about the project model but I also want to give a shoutout to the people. The BlockGrain team throughout the discussions have been extremely responsive to questions, receptive to thoughts and rational in their thinking and approach towards convincing the community in bolstering the right support and addressing the naysayers. I’m hoping this project will come through and we can build more real-world use cases for NEM!


Voted Yes :slight_smile:


Hello BlockGrain.

I posted something similar in another community proposal and also want to post it here.

You are requesting a total of 800k XEM. At the current XEM price this would equate to around $1.17 million - I’m guessing this is the rough dollar amount of what you feel is needed to complete everything stipulated in the project proposal.

If the price per XEM increased to say $10 before the majority of the milestone funds were released what would happen with the remaining $6.8 million that would be left over?

And what would happen if the price of XEM decreased to $0.10 and you were now short over $1 million to complete the tasks in the proposal?

“Will the project fail if you don’t receive community funding? Or would you go straight to ICO in that case?”
No, the project will certainly proceed without community funding. The NEM Community Funding allows us to develop blockchain features for our product much sooner than we had originally planned. The funding accelerates the blockchain component of our business.

We know the project will continue if you don’t have the required funding but you would no longer be able to fulfil the agreement of developing the product in the specified time frame.

This is an issue which is present for all community projects that request funding in XEM rather than stable fiat currency. The project is at risk of being underfunded and failing due to volatility of blockchain assets, or the community will overpay (potentially significantly) reducing funds available for the growth of the NEM platform.

Requesting funding in a fiat currency is a win / win for the NEM community. It dramatically reduces the chance of funds being wasted, while giving max sustainability of NEM community funds in the event of a significant price increase.


I disagree whilst crypto is currently volatile we are supposed to be pushing the technology as a benefit and alternative to fiat. The community fund to which projects apply for funding is in XEM not fiat and funds are drawn down against that fund. It has always been this way and is not unique to Blockgrain don’t see that the rules came be challenged half way through a proposal.

At the moment we have to ensure those able to vote are voting so that it achieves the quorum or threshold PoI of 3%. The project has a good vision and capable team and MVP so to me it is a Yes for relatively small amount of funding. A debate around community project funding is probably worth creating but not linked to any particular project proposal


I don’t believe crypto’s are at a stage where they should be used as an alternative to fiat in respect to using them to analyse how much funding is needed in a long term project. If we asked those making project proposal’s they will have conducted their costings in fiat.

Fiat is a far better tool for that right now (and probably will be for a while). Forcing it through with XEM or any other cryptocurrency for ideological reasons is a pretty bad idea imo.

I think it is irrelevant that the communty fund it is drawn from is in XEM when the majority of spending will be in fiat and those being paid in XEM will be accepting it because it holds a sufficient value in fiat. If a project requests 1% of the total Community Fund in 2015 and it had a value of $200,000, should the exact same project implemented in 2017 request 1% if it then had a value of $2,000,000?

I also don’t see how it always being that way is a reason to avoid change. If anything blockchain fights against keeping old out of date methods the same.

I don’t have the power to change the rules, nor did I suggest changing them for BlockGrain. I asked how they would proceed in 2 circumstances which could easily happen and would both negatively affect the NEM community. One would also jeopardise the BlockGrain project.
I also don’t see a reason why BlockGrain couldn’t add extra stipulations to their proposal if it appeased some community members concerns, it could secure them the extra support they require to fund the project.

I think they’re valuable questions in the context of this proposal and it also brings up a debate about changing the way these proposals are run. In fairness to BlockGrain I bought up the same questions to another community project I won’t name here, and I will continue to do so with other projects.

You’re a great community member KingCole, but I think you’re off base here.

I look forward to BlockGrains reply and a better way of structuring future ‘Community Fund’ project proposals.


7 Days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results
~1.13% POI already voted (required 3%)


Voting details:


6 Days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results
~1.45% POI already voted (required 3%)


Voting details:


5 Days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results
~2.26% POI already voted (required 3%)

Voting details: