Created new delegated account but with zero balance to start delegation (6 XEM)![SOLVED]

Hi All,

NEM Newbie here. I create a brand new NEM account/wallet.

  • Account started at 0 XEM (of course)
  • Created delegated remote account but never completed purchase (6 XEM) because there was zero balance in primary account to begin with
  • Remote delegated account was still created in NCC and showed up under address book so I thought it was OK to use as a recipient account
  • I then purchased XEM with USD through Changelly and used the delegated remote address!!!
  • Funds seemed to show up under address book entry from XEM remote account as viewed in NCC browser window
  • Since I was/am under 10,000 XEM, how can I retrieve the 381 XEM that are now associated with the delegated remote account that was never complete in the first place (never paid 6 XEM due to zero balance)?
  • Have I lost that money?

Please advise.


Please make private key wallet using remote account’s secret key. Then send the funds in the remote account to the regular address.

Do not put XEM or tokens in remote account.
Please ensure that the balance of the remote account is zero.
You can not activate a remote account with the remote account being funded.


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Thank you Mizunashi!!! Will try this ASAP!!


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Worked like a champ!!!

Thanks from a newbie.