Crypto Apex's Application, Second Round


I didn’t say they should loose funding. I said that 2 weeks have to be enough time to communicate that a delay is going to happen. If anyone fails to coomunicate that then we should talk about loosing funding.
If they do communicate and can give sensible reasons then all is honky dory.
I think we need to distinguish between missing a milestone and failing to communicate both of which are important topics.

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sure, communication is important.




After some discussions and feedback a vote has been held by the core committee and Crypto Apex’s application has been approved for 50m from the Community Fund which will be dispersed in 4 milestones of 12.5m at a time as the project progresses.

The milestones’ suggested time frame is as follows.

Milestone 1 = Open website (2 months)
Milestone 2 = Open closed beta (3 months)
Milestone 3 = Open open beta (5 months)
Milestone 4 = Rollout (6 months)

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Sounds great !


I was sent this link today for the Crypto Apex website.

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Closed Beta may see some delay though, due to a couple of factors. Main factor is the NCC may be changed to include mosaic. We developed on an NCC without mosaic. This may upset the roll out of our solution.

Otherwise, Engine is near completion. Will keep us all posted.

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Beta has started via invite from CA members. If you are interested, please contact Niko or Nembit86.


@nembit86, I’m interested to Beta test CA.


I’m interested to Beta test CA.


@nembit86, interested in the beta test.


Who of you has actually participated in the beta test?


Not yet. partly because of holiday.
To be honest, I don’t know enough about the system/platform/service/…
To be able to test, I would like to know more about it.
What is the system and what is it supposed to do? Now, I don’t know. Where can we find the specifications?

P.S. I might have missed some info in the past…, my fault.


I was never contacted …


@greantea: You need to contact Nembit86 for example.


What is this project all about? And what is the status?


cricket sounds *


I signed up but didn’t get an invite… hmm.

Are there any information’s regarding Crypto Apex’s ‘security model’?
What I’m asking is - can something like the Bitfinex hack happen?

Apparently they had some kind of multi-sig in place but still that got hacked / exploited somehow… well it’s pure speculations about what happened as they haven’t given any details yet.

Still it would be nice to know what the security concept for CA looks like?
I hope you are not going down the road with ‘Security by obscurity’… that would make me unhappy. +_+


In crypto apex the user will have their keys made locally.

Bitfinex had multisig but they held all the keys.

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CA will be more like Coinbases vault. User has part and Coinbase has part. That’s pretty safe.

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