Crypto exchanges

Hi guys! Which exchanges do you currently use? And what features do you consider the most important? Thank you for your answers in advance!

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Any of the below with good liquidity should be ok:

I’ve been using Poloniex and most recently Binance. I am quite simple, for me the buy and sell option is and it being mobile friendly is important.

Fine, that’s awesome! Yeah I guess the mobile version of the exchange is important!I’ve never used Poloniex before. Do they have the option of using fiat and crypto at the same time inside the exchange?

Thank you for sharing! Definitely, will have a look

I’ve only done crypto to crypto so far…

Strong security is the main feature I believe. And about an exchange I prefer to use Gemini

On crypto exchanges info I find Interesting articles about the Bitcoin exchanges, thanks for providing such a piece of valuable information, what I look in a crypto exchange generally is-

  1. Team experience in Fintech
  2. Exchange UI/UX
  3. Regulatory status
  4. Customer Service
  5. Security
  6. Activeness of Founder on Social Media
  7. Low withdrawal and trade fee with good liquidity

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community @BellaSwift!

I’ve been using Bittrex recently.

73+ crypto exchanges available on crypto links. But I prefer to use coinbase, bitMEX, Kucoin etc.

I am using poloniex ,as its interface is streamless, user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also offers high volume margin trading and lending services.Good to go with it.

According to Metcalfe’s theorem. Any strategy to reduce liquidity is harmful, and any strategy to increase liquidity is beneficial.Therefore, we should try to increase trading pairs on the exchange, such as adding XEM / USDT to Binance


There are other exchanges with XEM / USDT pair but honestly I prefer it paired with BTC because it is easier In my experience, I do see the reasoning in adding more trading pairs in order to decouple $XEM from $BTC price but at the same time I believe $BTC will and should always be the standard.

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As now livecoin exchange is the best cryptoexchange platform. Livecoin also has referral programs. The users can become associates or be accurate affiliates for Livecoin. The partners have to refer and recommend other users about the exchange and cryptocurrencies.

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And if user forgot tag/memo/message code Livecoin support will leave him without help.
It’s not very user-friendly and should be improved (Binance and other exchanges helping and crediting tx manually in such situations).

I would like to add something here again. Though I tried different crypto exchanges in the past. If you have sometime don’t hesitate to try this cryptocurrency exchange. It looks better and reliable as well.