Crypto heros lets get it moving

This was posted to me on Telegram the other day.
Looks like they want to hit 20k mark, 20k xem is not a lot of money.
Ill throw in 2k xem if 5 folk here do the same in the next 12 hours.

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This is awesome!

I think the amount of XEM changes based on price. They have almost 20k and here’s a good bit left to go right now.

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Greeting to the all community members.
Many thanks to all who have already became Cryptohero) At the moment, thanks to our joint efforts and a donation of 10k XEM (a separate heartfelt thanks to this person), the main part of sum is collected.

A lot of local media are going to make articles about this unique and first time in Ukraine project that can transform charity industry. Also this project is a demonstration of the unique features and possibilities of the NEM blockchain technology.

All funds which will be raised over main sum, will be commited for the solution of biggest problem of “Dacha” oncology center — construction of own house. Now the center is located in rented room where only six families at the same time can live, and that it is not enough in comparison with the number of persons in need in such help.

More information by the link:

General information about the project here:

Once again, thank you very much.


Hi memario.
You are right. We count the sum in UAH (local currency) by the rate from the Ukrainian crypto exchange

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It is a wonderful initiative.
And it will be a wonderful demonstration of NEM.
I donated a small amount.:+1:


Thanks a lot to Japanese community :pray:

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A great initiative, I love

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Project is over. Together we have collected 36 000 XEM.

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fantastic!!! great team !!!

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