Error 304 and error 401 Harvesting impossible OSX

Hi as i am new to NEM i finally got my 10.000 vested!
i am currently trying to harvest and tried both options local (which seems the most logical option as i am still figuring out what NEM is and what you can do with it) and delegated

when i try to local harvest i get error 401 NIS: remote NIS cannot service /ncc/api/wallet/account/unlock

i guess my database is fine as all the three parts of the NIS logo are green
it seems to me that i need to unlock something perhaps ports or something?

i have no clue

impatient as i was i sent 6 XEM to the delegation account to see if that would work i got a error 301 message saying kind of that it was impossible but in the end the 6 XEM was transferred

could this be a bug?

gentle thanks

are you sure that you have 10.000 vested ? to have them vested the XEM-coins have to stay a while in your wallet. the more XEM you have, the quicker they will get vested.

you can caclulate the estimated time to get the XEM vested here

more information:

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Hi marc0o
thanks for your reply
yes its vested
i looked into
firewall settings
anti virus program

when i start delegated harvesting i get error 699 stating NIS: HARVESTING LIMIT HIT

i am getting lost here

maybe this thread can help you to solve the problem:

probably you have to choose another remote NIS for delegated harvesting :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion
i managed to try different nodes same 699
now i am plagued with unknown messages

i guess this new economy movement is a league too far for me

i am better in harvesting error messages just harvested number 500
soon i ll have all 999!