Error when I press 'Start delegated harvesting'

It is addition.
Could you please try changing the NIS server?

Thank you.

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Hi Mizunashi and Saul

I switched the NIS server and the ā€˜Harvesting Statusā€™ changed to Active; the button I press to ā€˜Start delegated Harvestingā€™ turned to light red and displayed ā€˜Stop delegated harvestingā€™. I will let you know when I received my first harvested fee.

Thank you Mizunashi and Saul for your time and intelligence in this matter.



Good luck!

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Currently, some official nodes have block chains not synchronized.

Please change the setting of NIS server in node setting to one with alice.
First of all I want to do it and confirm the operation.

There is no problem if this screen appears.

If harvesting stops, it will be when the delegating server is restarted. Taking this screenshot as an example, if stops even once, the harvesting will remain stopped.

In case of manual work, you need to check this screen everyday.

We have a project to make it semiautomatic / fully automated, so I will introduce it.


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Thank you Mizunashi. I will use both tools. You have brought light to my day ā€¦ Thank youā€¦ Patrick

same problemā€¦