Ethyl - The Future of the Internet of Things


Sorry must have missed the mention of MQTT, great it is being supported.

For OpenHAB just offering a connector for those who already have it installed would be sufficient and open up the project to a large existing community and increase the visibility of NEM blockchain

Thanks for responding so quickly



Yes. That is correct. Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:


Yes! :slight_smile:


Interesting project - am heavily into the IoT space so can definitely see the real world application for this :slight_smile:


OK. Thanks. Too ambitious of me to think of video support for a simple use case for this project.

So let me understand our business goal here. The Raspberri Pi will connect to the blockchain via APIs and using several standards that others mentioned as well.Then what piece will actually be the iOT device? I am hoping to see at least a simple ioT device like a temperature sensor involved. And also at the very minimally show information captured and validated by blockchain. Is this too ambitious to have several pieces? I am seriously thinking about this project as a prototype that has sufficient components that we can use for NEM marketing. Forgive me if I missed the obvious in the proposal that is already explicitly mentioned. Thanks again.


Hi, I like the project. It’s ironic some people are worry to share info to the thermostat rather than Social media or google.
I have Amazon Echo and I want to know in order to understand better, which features of nem are you gonna use into the process to connect the hub into Alexa and which kind of information is registered into the blockchain.
If you are planning to use Apostille, can you make a mockup using the testnet?
One more thing, Who are behind this project? I;m gonna vote yes but I prefer to know more about the team.


Yes I will support this project, but i see the voting module is still down, how do we vote?


Hi Trikar_Blockchain, let me explain why I use of a thermostat as AN EXAMPLE. This is a small scale project, I don’t have a preference as to what the iOT device is. It can be an Amazon Echo or Alexa or whatever. More importantly, I would like to see the project result in a simple prototype that has the main components included - an iOT device, a middleware like Raspberri Pi that communicates with the Blockchain, and some rudimentary data collected. I want to keep the originally proposed scope simple which is home use. To me, this project is a proof of concept, a use case that can be used for NEM marketing purposes with the basic end to end components. More power to the team, if they can connect to industrial iOT devices. Thought the proposal written up up was not specific about the end to end components and goals, hence my input. Hope this clears it up. Thanks.


A whole ecosystem of products is supported from big name brands (Samsung, General Electric, to name a few). You will have your marketing material. :slight_smile:


The voting module can be used manually as followsL

To vote YES:

To everyone else in this thread, a friendly reminder to please vote!


Very likely it won’t be necessary but you might want to add a NO address as well. If I’m not mistaken the vote has to reach a certain total % no matter if yet or no has been voted. :thinking:


:+1: Added that, though the two addresses are both publicly available in NanoWallet.


It’s a Yes from me


I do support this project…


I got my ‘yes’ vote in. Seems like a great project.


could you please have the system architect draw the figure.
I can’t understand what you want to do.


I go for a big fat YES for this project! It’s amazing in deed!


What will be the main “devices” you aim to target?



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I have been a keen observer of the evolution of the internet of things and to see IoT and the NEM blockchain in harmony, this is will be a revolutionary game changer that will establish NEM as the go-to platform for so many applications, including IoT!

Full support.