Failure multisig min consignatories out of range...why?


я решил конвертировать мой аккаунт в мультиподписной.
для этого я создал еще один аккаунт на моем android устройстве
я сделал несколько транзакций на android-кошельке
Вставил privat key от моего основного аккаунта
вставил в строку Cosignatory: - адрес андроид кошелька

Появилось сообщение failure_multisig_min_consignatories out of range…
какие требования к соподписанту?

I have decided to convert my account into multisign.
for this purpose I have created one more account on my android the device
I have made several transactions on Android purse
I have inserted privat key from my main account
I have inserted into the line "Cosignatory: " - address android of a purse

There was a message of “failure_multisig_min_consignatories out of range”.
what requirements for Cosignatory?
what to do?


You want create 1 of 1 multisig? It doesn’t have sense for me.
Before you do it on your main account please lern how to do it because you can lose access to your account!
Please read and watch video:

After that please create testnet address and lern how do it on testnet.
You can ask for free testnet XEM here: