Foundation FAQ (Core Dev Perspective)

If they can create a a totally new unique blockchain from scratch in just over a year, (which isn’t a clone of Bitcoin), I don’t see why they can’t create an entire NEM ecosystem. It is not as straightforward with the migration from a Java system to C++ (I guess). There are 3 Dev funds with over 1 billion XEM in total, I don’t see why we can’t employ extra Devs to delegate some of the work to, and create a bigger Dev Team hierarchy, with the 3 Core Devs in a senior position. This will also allow time for them to direct the NEM foundation to focus on adoption and Catapult development.

The foundation needs to make decisions for the public chain and spread its adoption. Awareness needs to be put on the back-burner for now.


I would suggest that the EU Team liaise with the other Global Teams to leverage the techniques and processes that the EU Team have used to help further develop Centers of Excellence to support catapult development worldwide.

reminder, anyone can become a member of foundation and have his/her/its voice heard: 2018 NEM Foundation elections


Seems like Cardano Foundation have a similar problem with their foundation:

Extract from above link.:

For more than two years there has been great frustration in the Cardano community and ecosystem. This has been caused by a lack of activity and progress on the assigned responsibilities of the Cardano Foundation and its council. Furthermore, there has been no clear indication of improvement, despite many fruitless attempts and approaches to the Foundation’s chairman and council to change this.

We need council members who prioritises 1) Adoption of the public chain, 2) Catapult development on the public chain.

It seems like at the moment they’re prioritising awareness over the more important points above. Awareness will come from successful adoption.

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Wow, well it seems then a good thing that voting is going to happen soon for new council member.
It seems that the existing members are not to active ? Similar issues raised in the NEM Ventures.
There might be a lot of reasons for this.
Hard to say and hard to address the issues if so much is unclear and unknown.
Quite surprising Nem made it so far and is still growing…
Would be interesting the see the minutes of the meetings held, how often the members met, what they discussed, points raised and decisions made?

I hope the Devs where kept in the loop at the least, so at least some one in the council kept the devs up to date?
I kinda find it hard and shocking to hear this from Jag, one of the main objectives should have been to sit down with the devs and devise a plan on the way forward.
I mean how much resources do we have ? What do we want to achieve ? Do we have enough resources to achieve outcome ?

Would be nice to hear from a council member on this matter, seem like there are a lot of other dynamic at play.
Anyways if there are issues, they should be discussed and address, otherwise by-by to any organisation.

Thanks for sharing and raising the issue.

Anyone happen to know who’s account this is distributing 500 xem? (curiously is roughly the amount needed to vote)

Seems quite odd an account would be paying out like this.

Don’t you mean it’s a subset ? If it is indeed a superset, how has it not slowed you down, when you don’t know what’s needed ?

How trustworthy is this new voting process?

What due diligence will be performed after the elections, to ensure there is no voter fraud?

What is preventing people (or even potential candidates (or their colleagues)) from spending 500 XEM multiple times to get more votes for their chosen candidate?


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At first glance, it appears that the account is distributing 500 XEM to different accounts, and each of those accounts is using the received 500 XEM to register for voting. This is why I think it’s wrong to put a price on democracy, it’s open to election fraud. POI weighted voting would be a better option.


tracing it back to its source of funds, it had 180,000,000 NEM at one point:

Can you display the complete trace?

PoI would be much easier to abuse.

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See below, feel free to discredit or disagree if my analysis is wrong:

The is sending multiple 500 XEM payments to many different accounts, who are then registering for the voting by sending to the NAFDNIF address.

The Nawkoise account first had payment from here:

NCEGJ had an initial large payment from here:

and also payments from here:
(n3lz0n - 1.0 - User Stake) (I believe he is part of council or foundation?)

NANEM had an inital large payment from here:

Nelson wrote in telegram RED channel:

i send large chunk of xems to Ann because I used to pay the NEM Global team their salary to save them from delayed payments
i have nothing to hide andy conscience is clear…
I deny my involvement
NEM has given so much blessing to me this is why my heart is with NEM
all I want is for NEM to become great

I presume Ann is the NAWKOISE account? 80K - 140K is a lot to send as a salary in a space of a few weeks. Also, why is the NAWKOISE account sending 500 XEM payments to multiple accounts, then the receiving accounts are using the 500 XEM to register for the election voting. Something doesn’t seem right here, it’s almost like the NAWKOISE is trying to get multiple accounts to sway the election by funding 500 XEM payments for multiple accounts to vote. Happy to be proven wrong. N3lzon Ann?


Looks like Rene has quoted a different account than what’s been listed in this thread I think. Seems more likely to be unconnected rather than an explanation and rene just disclosed this of their own will rather than answer it later?

Yes - I did disclose this in the matter of transparency :point_up_2:


Rene is clear.
Unlike Nelson, Rene is clear.

Unlike Nelson

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