Future Council Picks for Stephen Chia

What gave you the impression that SEA did not cooperate with the Foundation initiatives (eg CoE)?

I was talking about cooperation SEA region with Core devs/development catapult, not with NF.

You seem to ignore fact is the task of the catapult roadmap development was tasked to the CoE set up in Europe way back in 2017 when Lon & Jeff and the Council then.

Yes, and your childhood friend Lon was a President during those period. We still dont have any comments from his side about roadmap, maybe because he was busy with ProximaX?

And together with the rest of the other regions, SEA concentrated to have boots on the ground to grow NEM presence and support in the regions.

You dont have initial ground - strong tech support. How can you build anything without strong footing/groundwork?

Now, one & half years later… seems now the lack of Catapult development or roadmap is blamed on the other regions (especially SEA) why is that? Has anyone ever asked the question, what has the CoE Europe done during that one and half years with the mandate, and now has dwindled down to 5-6 people?

Why some devs, who left NF, still continue to work on catapult development out of NF?

Give us the other regions the mandate and the budget, and we WILL get Catapult roadmap done and released.

Have you, as candidate to President position, contacted to core devs and discussed Catapult development steps? If no, why you should get budget for it?

Please care to take a look at my candidate document with regards to our plans to work towards the technology roadmap and our plans to work globally to support the core devs in finishing Catapult.

I rate people by their actions. You was against PoI voting. You are Council member of NF and try to delegate your responsibilities to other.

Questions from my side:

  1. Does current Kristof, Interim President, have the same sets of rights as Lon, when he was a President of NF? Were his powers curtailed?
  2. Have you, as candidate to President position, contacted to core devs and discussed Catapult development steps? Yes/No

I ask you to please stick to the topic of this conversation here. Once again I invite you to see my opinion in another thread as you completely misunderstand what I mean by “funded.”

Please see that thread and my detailed reply to your question and request there:

Let’s get back to our question to you:

How many of your employees have registered to vote and are in that chat and how do they feel knowing their boss is giving instructions on how to vote?

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Hey Stephen,
You ask me to explain what I mean by “that”. I sent emoticons showing my surprise, irritation and confusion about the particular statement which the original poster had made at Future Council Picks for Stephen Chia
His post made me think whether ProximaX in particular would benefit from a delayed NEM Catapult Public Chain launch. Would it? I am more and more confused whether it is a splinter group of (highest) NEM people trying to one day even compete with NEM. I am still giving the benefit of doubt and hope it’s a NEM Ecosystem project supporting the mother-ship. But as I said… #confused


Possible scenarios after the elections:

  1. President Stephen. VP Misha.
    This thread proves that it is one of the worst scenarios. Misha and Stephen can’t work together again.

  2. President Stephen. VP. Nelson. + Dona, (Stephen supporter).
    Nothing new. Continuity to the project and strategy of Lon and SEA. The only thing that can balance it is a majority council with people outside the grasp of Stephen.

  3. President Alexandra VP Misha.
    Misha is not trustworthy. He has been dismissed or removed from the foundation and has made very serious mistakes in Venezuela and Kazakhstan. He is not close to the NEM community. It can be a problem over time. Uncertainty.

  4. President Alexandra VP Nelson.
    Balance. Nelson, despite having made mistakes in the elections, the community can forgive. He has to be willing to leave the past of LON and Stephen and give support to Alexandra and the rest of the regions that he has not created. (Philippines, Ukraine, Australia, Middle East and Latam are teams created by Nelson).


I think it’s obvious that this group competes with NEM even today, it’s not so hard to find direct or indirect evidence of this in recent publications and election materials of some of candidates from this group.

@Rene, some people from “Stephen’s list” talk only about projects on NIS1, no words about catapult development/infrastructure/explorer/wallets and many other thing. What is a reason to develop projects during 3-4-5-6 months on NIS1 if we have NEM 2.0 next year(They clearly understand it, because someone asked them to talk only about NIS1, some of them are admin/active users in ProximaX local chats. Coincidence…).

@Rene, This is Stephen habit - to change topic/words and substitution of concepts.

Stephen removed his post from telegram chat and changed shoes :joy::joy:

Jeff POI Vote Now, [09.12.18]

I came to make a small correction. Sorry I wasn’t in this chat before.

Jeff POI Vote Now, [09.12.18]

I want to comment on the list above.

Jeff POI Vote Now, [09.12.18]

Hi Malaysia,

I just want to jump in here with some clarifications. Stephen has stated above that he is “putting together at team”. I want to be clear and correct this. He is NOT putting together a team, nor Alex, nor me, nor anybody else.

The job of putting together the team belongs to the community and the elected officials are there to serve you. It is YOU, the community, that puts together the team, and you do this by looking at all candidates and deciding who you think is best for NEM and then voting.

Please forget any suggested lists given by Stephen or anybody else and vote how you want to freely. If everybody just votes the way somebody tells them to vote, what is the point in having an election in the first place?

Stephen Chia | NEM(.)io, [09.12.18]
[In reply to Jeff POI Vote Now]

Based on my proposed objectives of what we need to get done in the coming year, my previous post of my proposed line up is purely my personal view.

I encourage everyone to do your own due diligence on the capabilities, past contributions, credentials & character of the individual candidates when casting your vote in the upcoming Elections for Council 2019/20.

Thank you.


I sent Stephen a message and asked him to remove his post from Telegram after I commented in Telegram. He understood my points and thought it was best to clarify and he made that statement too on top of it.

Things sometimes get hectic in elections and not everything that everybody posts will always be on point or correct. Since Stephen has clarified on Telegram where the post was made and then the discussion spilled over here, it is probably best to wrap up the conversation here too so we can focus on the most important issues going into the election. So I guess in a little while if there are no more comments, I’m going to set a timer to close this thread.


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