Harvest issue change node [solved]

Hi, my account is under remote harvesting, i harvested afew blocks within fee(according to explorer) but i never received my harvested xems, i changed the nodes several times, should i change my delegate account too by reactivating it?

sounds more like a problem with your wallet. Can you tell which wallet you are using (+ version)?


What you mean by “never received my harvested xems”?
Balance in wallet doesn’t match with explorer? When you harvest xem it’s not seperate transaction to your account. Balance just increase and you will see harvested block.

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ohh, so harvested xems can not received as a regular transaction? so i cant see it on transation history?

Yep, one simple way :

" https://nem-tools.com/#/settings "

… enter your adress, go to transactions in the upper tab, …

There you can see your harvesting history.

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tnx, problem solved.

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