Harvesting XEM in NEM


I am a new subscriber in NEM - XEM. I have a quite a bunch of them now.

I signed up for the Delegated Harvesting program. Paid my activation fee a week ago and nothing happens. I see no harvesting going on.

What did I do wrong? Is there a guide somewhere I can read?

Or can you help me figure it out.

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After you activated delegated harvesting you still need to start it. Activating it merely transfers your importance to the delegate account. To actually start harvesting to you need to pick a node and starts harvesting on it.
You can do this on the right side of that screen.

Thank you patmast3r for your prompt reply.

I think I figured it out.


Hi Everyone,

I did activate the harvesting, and reached a node that had an open slot. It showed green, but after 48hrs there was no action.

Am I doing something wrong?

I deactivated my delgated account and going to reactivate it again to give it another try.

Does delegated harvesting working on every web browser?

Are you using Nanowallet?
Are you sure you are not harvesting?
What is your address?

Please see this screen shot?

In the managed delegated account screen, I believe I am now (maybe) harvesting.

Under the section (start / stop) delegated harvesting, below the “enter your wallet password or passphrase, it shows the ip address. To the right it has the circle, and when I put the cursor over it, it shows a red circle with a line through out and the statement, “stop delegated harvesting”. This tells me I am harvesting.

However, I have had this set for about 7 days now, and under the Harvesting Panel it shows:

Remote Status – Active, Vested Balance 16 150,190866 xem, Harvested Blocks 1. It’s only shown 1 for 7 days.

Also, on the dashboard it shows “Harvested Blocks”: Block – 1174413 / Fees Earned – 0.

It’s also been like that for 7 days.

Am I doing something wrong?

When you say address, as in where I live? I live in Colorado USA

Thank you for your time. I’m really new into all this and like learning about it.

And a little supplement.
Normal harvesting is taking place.

In addition, by upgrading NanoWallet, it is easier to check the state of harvesting.
The following is the screen of the latest version of NanoWallet.
here NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.4 - Bug bounty paid in XEM

Although it is actually harvesting, there is no harvest, but if it is several tens of thousands XEM it is normal for no harvest for a week.

Here is my example, but the importance is 0.2476 ‱.
This number is directly linked to the establishment of successful harvesting.

In this state, we have the following results.
Currently, the last harvest with XEM is June 24, even on harvest without XEM is June 25th.
I feel a little bit this time, but this is not strange.

Let’s harvesting!

Hi There,

I was going to sign up for the automated restart of delegated harvesting….


Where do I find: “2. Address of your delegated / remote account”?

Also, can my NEM be stolen by providing my private key of mine delegated / remote account?

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Address of your delegated / remote account

You find the address of your delegated / remote account when in the “Manage delegated account”-Modul. To go there you have to click:

  1. Services
    • Manage delegated account

Get the private key of your delegated / remote account

  1. Services
    • Manage delegated account
      -> type in your wallet-password and click on the “plus”-sign on the right

Note: a blog-entry that describes what automated harvesting does and how to use it will come soon

About your question if XEM (not NEM ;)) or other mosaics can be stolen when you provide the private key of your delegated account:

  • normally the delegated / remote account does not store any mosaics. so it depends on you whether you want to provide it or not.
  • if someone knows the private key of your remote account he has NO control over your main-account

I think that discussion should be continued on the nem-tools thread if you have specific questions about automated delegated harvesting:

Your NEMs can’t be stolen, but you shouldn’t publicly announce your harvesting key to the world.
The reason is that someone could try to gather as many harvesting keys as possible,
to get high harvesting power.

So you can share your remote key, but that should be done as an individual arrangement between parties.

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I know wrote an article about this topic with detailed explanations including risks:

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Thank you