Hi, new to NEM, and have some questions!

hello to all!
I just found out about NEM through looking for new cryptocurrencies. A couple of questions:

  1. How exactly does harvesting work and what are the rewards?
  2. Are there any current running services that use XEM? (if not, what is it used for at the moment)
  3. Is there any way of earning XEM without buying it (faucets, rewards)? (This is because the value of my balances in all cryptos is only about $2!

Thanks very much for all your help!

Hello part12 and welcome to the NEM community.

  1. For Information about harvesting, please use our Tutorial guide.
  2. It is being worked on at very different fronts, for an overview, you can take a look at the NEMflash news archive
  3. Yes there are ways, for example you can participate in the Beta testing of our mobile app, every found bug earns 10.000XEM
    3.1) I´ll do the PCG where you can get with the right answer, atm, 1000 XEM. The third round is still to come as Iam planning for a additional price.
    3.2) If your are technically versed you can also try to look for bugs in the NEM software, not an easy task but if you can find one, it will be worth it.

Ok, thanks very much for your help!
I’m very keen to get my hands on NEM!
Your PCG idea is much appreciated.
Just wondering, is there anything you can do with small amounts (50XEM)? Also, sorry for the hassle, but I didn’t find any links on NEMflash about upcoming services. Sorry if I have missed something.

Thanks again,

Also, how anonymous are XEM transactions?

No worries, you are welcome! :slight_smile:

Atm you can´t do much with 50XEM, for example, sending a message with NEM to the PCG will cost 12 XEM.

Well, on nemflash there are articles of which some deliver news about the projects that are being built on NEM and information about NEMs partners.

Transactions are visible on the network like in most blockchain technologies. Of course its anonym to create wallet accounts as you like.

there is also the nem blog, http://blog.nem.io/ which contains lots of tutorials, announcements and other interesting info :slight_smile:


Also, how anonymous are XEM transactions?

If you’re asking about anonymity in the sense of Zerocoin or Dash, nem’s transactions are not anonymous.
There have been several discussions about that in the past, but you’d have to go through, btt, here’s something that might help: search query