Hitbtc scam i can not withdraw XEM [SOLVED]


Might be a wallet update, cryptopia is doing one as well. My funds have been there since the third of august. I highly suspect hitbtc is also updating as multiple exchanges are right now. Are there any indications on hitbtc as to why they’re not letting you withdraw?


5 days no answer from support


Please see here


So they internally block the withdrawal?
Maybe they demand that you use 2FA?
Sorry i have no experience with Hitbtc, maybe other users have?


NEM’s network is not involved at all about the transfer of money within the exchange.
Please contact the exchange.


Support is silent for 5 days already



Please try to describe ALL your actions.

PS. I have hitbtc account with 2fa, passed verification and didn’t see any problems.




i did not use 2 fa passed verification


Like I said same as with cryptonia technical maintenance. You have to wait untill the maintenance is done.


How long time?

I already waited 5 days


not sure I’ve been waiting since the third of august for cryptopia to update their wallets


I’m active HitBTC user and facing the same problem. Since I was able to withdraw XEM in Jul., I suspect they are in the middle of upgrade procedure, though their support is awful and No ONE (!) responds.
So my advice? be patient!


thank you for your advise. But i try to content Hitbtc 5 days . No answers in Facebook, and support is silent too.
Very strange.


I got a reply from support:

Dear Trader,
Thank you for reaching out.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Transfers will be available as soon as the maintenance will be finished.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any other assistance.

Marguerite Tessier‍
HitBTC Support Team

They don’t say when they’ll be finished though…


Cryptopia has just updated its wallets and I’ve been able to withdraw this morning.


I also purchased around 1k nem, but hitbtc not allowing to withdraw.

I have given my wallet address which works with changelly transfer but hitbtc gives message saying this is not a valid nem address. I have raised a ticket but no response from them on this front.


If you do not mind, could you tell me your address?



Got this sorted, my mobile app was showing address with seperator “-”, i was trying to transfer with the same address with seperator which was not being accepted in hitbtc.

Tried removing the “-” from the address and it got transferred in no time :slight_smile:

Happy to have the nem’s received to my wallet :slight_smile: