How to disconnect harvest delegators


Does anyone know how to disconnect specific harvest delegators from node side?

I’m running a Symbol node without 25% node share and asking delegators to send monthly fee. However certain amount of them seem ignore that even after sending a message to their accounts. I’d like to consider disconnecting them from my node and open that slots for new delegators. I think this is better solution for symbol community than expanding my node availability for more delegators.


As far as I know there is no way to remove selected harvesters.

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I appreciate your confirmation!

" How to disconnect harvest delegators ? … "

Not sure, but this seems to be a question that deserves some more attention. Mmhhh …

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Probably there isn’t so much demand to disconnect delegators, people are rather interested in collecting many delegators :sweat_smile:

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I asked devs and it should be technically possible (by playing with harvesters.dat) but there is no tooling around that currently.


Interesting. I would not have courage to start playing around with it, but I will have a look at the file. Let’s see…

It’s binary file so first we have to investigate how format looks like. I sugest playing on copy of course :slight_smile:

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I’m not a programmer so it sounds already too complicated to me😂