I need a standalone walkthrough

This is no doubt a screamingly obvious question, but I’m asking it anyway as I need some plain English.

I’m trying to create a wallet for the first time in a long time. I’m on a 32 bit windows machine so I’m using the standalone using the runmon.bat to fire it up.

I’m getting varying Nis and ncc is starting and stopping, i’m being taken to the web page and then I’m getting NIS is not available which never changes. 10-20 minutes later the cmd window is still streaming text, most of which is nis is not available. Then I give up.

What do I have to do to be able to open a wallet? Is there a simpler way? I just want to redeem private keys and move the coins.

I go NEM community page which opens from the NEMclient quite well (windows) and there I see two options - first is 'make new wallet’
thats the way I did it

…it says: ‘‘open NCC webpage’’ in graphic UI after RIGHT MOUSE click downthere where I did open nemclient(webpage) on taskbar

I am sorry I dont know howto make it trough .bat file

you will get it right soon enough - dont worry :slight_smile:

I think I really need to change my windows for english if I am going to continue trying to help :slight_smile:

32 bit is not officially supported. But to realize what is going wrong i need the NIS logs.
You can find the logs in the folder c:\users\YourUser\nem\nis\logs (replace YourUser with your windows user name). Only the most recent log (look at the date) is needed.

This thread might help you trouble shoot. Help For You: Trouble shooting starting the new version (can't get it started)