Laura Takenaka for Secretary/Council


Hi again,

Sure I’d be happy to clarify.

  • Web admin was for the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand and I was the editor of their weekly bulletin and website admin on a volunteer basis for two years before being employed as a manager there. At the time, I was on a visa here in Thailand that restricted employment.

  • Working for the government - 5 years in the Administrative section of the Nova Scotia Department of Education (Canada). I worked on many projects during my tenure - in the Labour Market Partnerships division. One of my favourites was making an online and in print resource for high schools to match their skill sets with available job opportunities and apprenticeships. (not everyone needs Uni).
    I also had a brief stint at UNDP here in Bangkok at the BRH (Bangkok Regional Hub) in the Partnerships and Resource Mobilization division for RBAP (Regional Bureau for Asia Pacific. While there I was a part of teams looking to streamline the Due Diligence paperwork for partnerships as well as consolidating communications across the departments onto one communication channel. On top of this I managed a team of UN volunteers and conducted interviews with 25 country offices on a country snapshot, as well as conducting research into the Word Bank and Asian Development Bank’s public/private partnerships.

As for the Reddit link - I didn’t write that but I think everyone who works for NEM should know how it works, __but given how opaque the council has been its sometimes hard to pierce the veil. No it doesn’t need to be mentioned as an expertise and I take your point.

Thai regulations on the blockchain space - I’ve been following, studying, reading, and meeting with the Thai SEC on numerous occasions and we hope to work with them on some educational materials to better explain how to do a blockchain project in Thailand. The draft law is quite confusing and I have been reading and rereading it, consulting with peers in the space locally and asking questions to the relevant authorities. The law is still not totally finished an will be continuously evolving - the taxation isn’t worked out yet…you can either be taken 7%VAT and call it a day or they could add a 20% ‘capital gains’ - in quotations as TH doesn’t HAVE capital gains tax, but this was the term and amount floated. Recently they seem to have decided on 15% withholding tax for retail trades, but they still don’t know how to enforce and the going theory is that exchanges will have to do it for them.
Literally immersing myself in the topic has made me very well versed in it.

You don’t sound harsh, you should ask hard questions of all the candidates that are putting themselves out there. Hope this explains a bit more. I think the ‘expertise’ tag for the Reddit AMA were more topic generators than anything to try to revive the r/NEM thread as it doesn’t get much traffic. I think a more accurate descriptor would be, areas of work, interests, well versed. But now we’re getting into semantics.

Keep asking questions and keep (hopefully) getting answers!

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Hi there everyone,

I recently had the honour of being interviewed by LATINEM! I want to thank the LATAM team so very much for taking the time to have a chat with me and putting up with my sometimes rambling answers. It was a pleasure and I need to work on my rusty Spanish!


Eyyy? Nobody in Thailand available to talk?


You’re so funny! Maybe your sense of humour is underrated.


Hello LauraBKK.
The depletion of SN reward is approaching.
Please tell me how you are thinking about this problem.


Hi @GodTanu, good question.

I posted about the SilverCoin fund before and one of the options on the table is to roll it over into the SN fund. Of course I can’t decide on that unilaterally, there needs to be consultation.

I may not have the most comprehensive answer to this, and when Catapult rolls out, there will be even more to consider, as the consensus algorithm may not be the same, and so the rewards system might need to change.

Of course right now, the market is down, everyone is a bit down on price, but SN holders are important to the ecosystem. I hope to work if elected with the newly elected council to come up with a satisfactory resolution to this.

It’s impossible to make everyone happy, but I promise to keep the process open and transparent as we figure it out.

Thanks for asking.



Here is a lovely endorsement video from @Inside_NEM. I really appreciate your support and wish you nothing but the best in the upcoming elections. You’re a trooper, warrior and 100% spitfire. NEM is going places with you at the helm.


This is the Latinem series of interviews of all the election candidates and here’s mine! Enjoy and thank you LATINEM for doing all of these important videos.


Start catapult!!! Go laura !! Great. the position is yours!! :hugs:


I’d like to thank Mr. Joel Kovshoff of BlockRake Inc and Athena trading for such kind words of endorsement. Always a pleasure to work together.


Another endorsement video from SoMa who is a blockchain Goddess here in Thailand. She runs Blockchain Mango and advises on many projects here in Thailand. Thank you dear SoMa for all your help.


Endorsement from Mr. Sanjay Popli Business Development Lead at ICORA.


Thank you so much Rox for the video and endorsement! I really appreciate it and thanks always for the support.


This is another endorsement video from our local Thailand DASH Ambassador! The fact that we are from opposing/different platforms/protocols has never stopped us supporting each other and jointly hosting events/educational talks.
Really appreciate the support Kawin, see you at the next lunch man!


Would like to share my very first podcast with the ‘Nothing at stake’ crew. All top professionals in their field, I’m honoured to be their first guest.
Enjoy the show!


Just wanted to say, after the dust has settled for everyone, a big fat THANK YOU to the community. The support you showed me was humbling indeed and I will strive to live up to the expectations-even though I didn’t win.
Even on a day off I spent time chatting about NEM and blockchain with our local Buddhist temple Abbot, and thinking about setting up a crypto fund for the many cats he cares for.
Thank you again, it was an experience for sure, congratulations to all the successful candidates and I’m excited for what the New Year will bring.
Much love,


You are doing a great job and that will be rewarded in the future, I was very disappointed not to see you in the council but it continues like this and you will be able to raise the level of the foundation, strong with Nem