Making NEM vid for youtube and need some info!

Hello, I have a youtube channel called, “Let’s Invest.” I recently uploaded a video about NEM where I played around with the nano wallet. I am looking to make one more where I jam pack all of the selling points of NEM, the under the hood function in normal person terms, and any other facts that make it stand out as a decentralized currency.

If you have any facts about NEM that you think investors or potential users may like to know, I would much appreciate it if you commented with them in easy terms to understand. Once again, I’m not trying to get too technical. I just want a list of the NEM basic selling points, why NEM stands out, how the governance structure works, how they fund their development, future plans in the pipeline that may be very interesting, and anything else that you think investors or people should know.

If you think that I should not make this video, that is fine too. I do not want to hurt the reputation of NEM if you think I am not a good enough spokes person.

Thanks! Let’s Invest!

link to video:

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Those are all really good resources to learn what nem is all about. Great first video on NEM btw!

Great video! I’ve been searching YouTube and surprised to see few videos of NEM. I’m glad you’ve started creating these. I enjoyed your video. It’s very promising that the NEM community has never been about the hype and instead focusing on the core technology. Keep up the great work! I hope others follow.

Great video.

Please join Telegram and PM me at @jabo38

It would be nice to chat with you.

NEM leaflet Trifold (LQ).pdf (289.0 KB)

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I joined, thanks1

Video is uploaded! Please rate!

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Watching the video now I’ll let you know.!

BTW I would DEFINITELY include a link in your Video to show people how to BUY NEM.

“Easiest way to Buy NEM”

You can use the Changelly affiliate program and also be compensated:
Here’s there signup to get your affiliate code:

Changelly is great and I bought most of my NEM position there.

This is a video I made for beginners showing how to buy an crypto on websites that I trust, and also require nothing but an email address to open an account.

Great Video, I listened to it 2 days ago on my way to work did a little more research and now trying to obtain the funds to setup a NCC harvester!