MarginX - Enabling Everyone To Profit From Conservation - Community Fund Proposal


Awesome Ed, thanks. We’re also working on the business website, hopefully we can launch the full website, along with our hardware POC within the month.

Our dev team is currently working with @slackware who wrote the entire go SDK for NEM and just published it last week. Congrats to him btw, it was a lot and a huge contribution to the NEM ecosystem. We’re helping him to tie up some loose ends there and then MarginX and himself will move on as a team onto the catapult SDK.


Will update soon guys. Super busy with development. We have plenty of news, just no time to write the PR. We set up our website a while ago, but even that is getting out of date. Will update soon!


Not a great time for our first press release with all the election drama. Looking forward to whatever direction the new leadership will take NEM in. Here’s a brief update on what MarginX has been up to in Africa the past few weeks.

Tech update coming soon.


I don’t get why all these projects have to be punctuated with an “X”.
“X” pretty much represents a null value “a blank”, maybe I am old skool but having X this and X that…
How about “Margin-D”?
Anyway the whole “X” thing will be short lived, Iphone is currently on the “X” thing, short lived name.


Represents the eXchange. The margin you reduce your consumption by is exchanged for profit. it also would have meant we could have had a MAX token which would have been nice. Now we plan to use XEM for global payments instead so not relevant anymore. We will probably rebrand at some point, the X doesn’t do us any favors talking to officials and utilities. It’s not really a showstopper either though so no rush.