Misha Granin for Vice President (at least for a day, so we all can create NEM Foundation 2.0)

We need to move forward, yes that’s the reason with Misha NEM will go to the abyss.

This arrogant Bolivarian socialist friend of communists has damaged NEM on purpose almost as much as Coincheck’s hack. (Check his trip to Venezuela and Uruguay) . A person who has been removed or fired from a company for crap would not have the right to return.

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Please talk about facts but not your personal fictions.
Your words about communists are really ridiculous

The facts are in front of you, but it seems you are not smart enough to see them.

  1. Your friend Misha traveled to Uruguay and Venezuela (It’s on his instagram and twitter account) and met this guy, Fyodor Bogorodsky.
    The rest is history.
    Misha was banished and now intends to return as the savior of NEM. God help us.
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Oh man! That is so boring…
“russian hackers” or “russian spy” in Trump’s sponsored news are last stupid arguments used when there are no more realistic arguments. Are you in opposition to Maduro?

I have stop to feed another political forum troll.

Hell is little punishment for anyone who supports Maduro and his criminal government.
Again the facts are there. No one at NEM was happy with Petro Coin. Nobody, except those who made connections with Fyodor, guess who, your friend Misha. And that’s why he was fired from the Nem Foundation.
Like you, Misha apart from being a despicable who supports the annexation of Crimea with Russia, and the Maduro government and all the socialist garbage of the extreme left, he is not very intelligent, as he leaves traces in his social networks, so anyone who is a little clever discovers the mystery.
до свидания товарищ

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Wow! Real political TROLL !!!
I told you guys…

А вот Крым лишний раз не надо трогать вообще.

So when do you think we can have Catapult testnet?

I’m pretty sure this month

We will have Catapult testnet released next week as @Inside_NEM just revealed to our community. Watch her speaking about this in todays interview starting from 9th minute:

Thank you @Inside_NEM! Finally we have most important step in Catapult roadmap announced to public. Please share this video, it’s really important news for whole community and industry.


I want to be clear on this… the Catapult testnet our North America team is working on is still missing additional features the public net will have (as these features are not ready and we are a ways out from them being ready.) We are just working with the Catapult private chain software. There will be a lot of cross over but there will be substantial differences too. So saying it’s a public net testnet was unintentionally misleading and I apologize for any confusion on this. The point should have been that we are working with Catapult and trying to get tools in place to help support it. Our team will be sharing more on this in the future.


Thank you for clarification. I am sure that for anyone who understand just a little bit about NEM it’s obvious that we don’t have anything for NEM public testnet yet. You are right, people who don’t know much about current status can give misleading interpretations to this.

So once again it’s Catapult testnet, it’s not NEM publichchain testnet based on Catapult.
It’s for developers testing how Catapult works, not for testing how Catapult will work on NEM public chain.


I’ve finally added a video. Please leave your comments, and let me know if you could help me with editing subtitles in your language (I’ll provide a good draft so it’ll take just a minute for any native speaker).

Now video was added to NEM Elections: Voting Guide:


Feel free to share what other videos/media you’d like to see.

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shared !!

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Thank you @eddy !

I’ll be greatful for every share each of you make, free to also share other videos below.

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Please see and share this endorsement video from my old friend Sergey Sergienko (Crhonobank.io):

Thank you Sergey!

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I’ve published Russian translation of NEM FOUNDATION EGM VOTING GUIDE

Русский перевод руководства по голосованию https://link.medium.com/6GDCarwCxS

I’ve published interview originally recorded for LatiNEM.

Please share my interview in all NEM Telegram chats: