Mobile Crashed (IOS APP)

I’m totally new in cryptocurrency world and I really need help.
I download the IOS app (NEM Wallet), created an account and trasfered my XEMs to my wallet.
Unfortunally, my mobile stopped working and I didn’t have a backup.
The only information that I have is 2 print screen of the app:

  • screen that shows a sequence of letters and numbers and the amount of XEM that a have
  • screen with my address (again a lot of numbers and letter - longer sequence and a QR code).
    Is there something that I could do for restore my accout and my XEMs?
  • did you restored application from Apple (itunes or icloud) backup? This is common reason of such problems because it doesn’t contain private key.
  • if first point is not the case then please try add permissions to app (camera, storage, contacts)
  • if it doesn’t help then only restoring from private key backup will be possible. private key is 64 length with letters [a-f] and numbers [0-9]. Please verify if you have it.
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Pawelm, thanks for your inputs.
Through the Mobile App (iphone), where I could find this private key?
Best regards

Private key is visible when you click More button in bottom right corner, export account, ok, show private key.