NEM Beta 0.6.91


and that is great advantage we have over bitcoin… my personal opinion is that bitcoin miners are blocking development of bitcoin. it’s not the miners that should DECIDE what features may or may not enter the chain, it should be USERS.
I think that’s the situation we have. If users wouldn’t trust us, they simply would not update.

As stated, it’s a security release, and we decided not to share the details upfront, not to put everyone at risk.


The only fix I see is a version increment. Shouldn’t I rebuild from source?


I have tried to update 0.6.91, but have not successed.

I copied jar files from package/ncc, nis, console, mon, and reboot.
But node/info said
{“timeStamp”:71976891,“error”:“Service Unavailable”,“message”:“NIS_ILLEGAL_STATE_LOADING_CHAIN”,“status”:503}
and after a while,
{“metaData”:{“features”:1,“application”:null,“networkId”:104,“version”:“0.6.87-BETA”,“platform”:“Oracle Corporation (1.8.0_121) on Linux”},“endpoint”:{“protocol”:“http”,“port”:7890,“host”:“”},“identity”:{“name”:“xxxxx”,“public-key”:“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”}}

Could anyone tell me what I should do ?


well the node was loading the chain and while doing so it doesn not answer to any request.

looks good, nothing wrong.

Be happy :slight_smile:


Thank you for reply.
I worry that node/info says “version”:“0.6.87-BETA”, this is not ,“version”:“0.6.91-BETA”,

Do I have any mistake ?


oh, i didn’t see that. Indeed that is a bad sign ^^
You probably forgot to delete the old jars?


Yes, I remain the old jars. In case of 0.6.87 update, the old jars were no problem.
Is it bad ? Should I delete those ?


yes, delete the old jars because else those will be used.


Thank you very much.
I delete the old jars, then it looks success !!


Are the new namespace-prices come with this upgrade?


No, you have to wait for the next release.