NEM Beta 0.6.97

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NEM Beta 0.6.97


1) Bug fixes for retrieving account’s mosaic via API:
In some cases, where an account’s namespace with mosaics had expired, the API call resulted in “Internal Server Error”.

2) Bug fix for hash cache:
In case of a block rollback, it was possible that a transaction that was included in the block that was rolled back, was included in a block with different height. This made it impossible to retrieve the transaction via /transaction/get?hash=<TheTxHash>.

Note for Supernode owners:
Supernode owners should target a vps with at least 8GB and start NIS with params “-Xms5G -Xmx5G” and use the G1 garbage collector by specifying additionally “-XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200” as start params. It is of course possible to run NIS with a 4GB vps but you probably need to restart NIS every few weeks.

NEM requires Java 8
You can download Java from official page: 16

Standalone version:


Thanks Bloody Rookie, is the upgrade enforced and when is the cutoff date if it is enforced for SN owners.

Upgrade is mandatory. I will post a date until the supernodes have to be upgraded in the supernodes thread.

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Thanks, have upgraded. I presume all jars in libs folder and 4 jars in nis folder just need replacing.

Is the GC collector line necessary, and what difference would it make if that line wasn’t in the start up parameters?


Not necessary. It minimizes the “stop the world” events when garbage collecting. Every now and then a full GC still is needed but the more the node has the less that happens.


Thanks, it is good update.

NEM blockchain nem2-asset-identifier is not found on npm packages. I have been following the tutorial on applying blockchain to supply chain using NEM, but i can’t npm install because the packages is removed from github and npm registry. Are there any updates or an alternative library

This release is a NIS release, i.e. for the current public blokchain. It has nothing to do with catapult.

FYI, the download link on this page still links to the previous version: