NEM Blockchain applied to Building process

Blockchain applied to Building process wins innovation award in ExpoEdifica Chile 2019

Within the framework of the International Construction Fair Chile (ExpoEDIFICA 2019), the most important event important of Latin America in the field of construction was awarded the prize to technological innovation the BIMTRAZER project, an intelligent service platform for civil works, engineering and road management that combines Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and BIM modeling (Building Information Modeling).

This tool incorporates a historical record as a security and auditable system. traceable of all the information on the building process developed on the platform NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement).

Engineer Pablo Romero, CEO of BIMTRAZER, explained why they chose the blockchain of NEM for its traceability system: “We work on the NEM blockchain because, unlike other blockchains, you have the possibility of using assets smart, which serve to accommodate all traceability parts we do in the work and that immediately spreads throughout the network of distributed nodes in the world and is technically impossible for that information to be modified. ”

This allows transparency to be added to the execution of construction projects, which is very important especially in public management works.

BIMTRAZER combines the most important cutting-edge technologies for remote control and civil works management: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Geomatics, Telemetry, and Blockchain. It is designed to minimize additional construction costs and travel times in construction. It has the ability to control the life cycle of a construction, from design to commissioning. It uses Automatic Learning algorithms to detect critical incidents and predict the displacement of work time, generating real-time alerts that inform construction management and contractors about the current status of the project, directly on their mobile devices. In addition, it includes visualization in 4D, that is, a three-dimensional model of the past, present, and future of the project, through a Virtual Reality system to optimize the monitoring and commercialization processes.

ExpoEDIFICA 2019 brings together more than 900 national and international companies, representing around 5,000 brands related to the construction industry. It has invited companies from more than 20 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, China, India, Japan, Canada, Spain, and several Latin American nations.

For its part, the award will be presented by professionals and academics of the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CchC) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Productivity and Sustainable Construction (CIPYCS). CIPYCS is the first technological entity for innovation and large-scale prototyping in South America. It is promoted by the Chilean Government Development Corporation (CORFO) and endorsed by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Universidad del Bío-Bío, Universidad Católica del Norte, Talca University, Technical University Federico Santa María, Universidad Austral de Chile and Magellan University.