NEM Community Fund Guidelines

I agree with nembit.

Any other comments? If not, I think we should open up the community fund for proposals.

Is this NEM Community Fund still active?

Can I
a) apply for LuxTag funding from NEM?
b) direct other StartUp founders wanting to build on NEM to this project?

I was thinking about doing an application for e.g. 10 Mio. to kickstart development and integrations of LuxTag. While parallely working on attracting classic VC and Seed-Fund investors.


@nembit86 Would you know who is responsible for the NEM Community Fund?
I am fundraising for LuxTag at the moment and why look for funding from outside when NEM has an internal program for the project we am doing …

I don’t know who is responsible. But I am sure you are eligible for making a project request.

Happy to announce that we initiated the proposal for “LuxTag powered by NEM” Community funding today!

In a few days from now, we could hopefully try the voting - first community voting through the NanoWallet Voting Module…