NEM Faucet Testnet & Mainnet


New update!
Zodiac limited collection is available ! Every month a different mosaic (max. 3000 units per month).


New update!

NEM Mosaic - Limited Collections

xarlee coin xarLee Coin (21 million units) Coming soon…

Zodiac limited collection (3000 units every month) : :aries: :taurus: :gemini: :cancer: :leo: :virgo: :libra: :scorpius: :sagittarius: :capricorn: :aquarius: :pisces:

Next event: :jack_o_lantern: Jack-o-Lantern mosaic Available from Oct 15 :left_right_arrow: Nov 7 (3000 units)

Distribute your own NEM mosaic

Do you want to distribute your own NEM mosaic using this Faucet?
Please make a request in the NEM Forum

Specify NEM mosaic name, namespace, supply, start and end date, quantity per claim, icon or image of mosaic, NEM address.
After approval, send your NEM mosaics to Faucet address.
* * NEM Mosaic with Levy not accepted


Let me show an audience map for the last month visits.

It is meaningful that Japan, and USA are the most xem requesters. As a curiosity, some countries of Africa are adopting xem.


Jack o’ lantern mosaic available in testnet & mainnet until Nov 7th.
3000 Limited units in testnet and 1000 units in mainnet.

Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:


Zodiac Scorpio mosaic available in testnet.
3000 Limited units in testnet. Go and grab your zodiac sign for testing :wink:


Black Friday and Ciber Monday mosaic Available from Nov 23 :left_right_arrow: Nov 26 (25% XEM) (999 units)

From Nov 23th to Nov 26th a new mosaic “black-friday” will be available in the faucet on both networks.

Moreover, the amount claimed between theses two dates will have a +25% XEM free!


Today, is a great day! our new coin has been added to the faucet ready for distribution.

xarlee coin xarLee assets (coin, token and gas) will be utility tokens needed for getting other NEM Tokens and using the website.

You can get the first coin now in the Mainnet Faucet .
To do it you can claim it attaching as a mosaic when requesting in the faucet.
In several days some other utility tokens will be activated.

When you stake the Token you will be able to claim also gas in the faucet.

These utility tokens will be needed to play NEM Lottery, NEM Airdrop (coming soon), and for boosting NEM Webminer.


New changes for faucet testnet users

We have reduced 4x the time and work needed to complete the testnet PoW captcha.

It is faster, :rocket: and even you can claim your XEM for testing with your smartphone :iphone:


The Black Friday is starting now! :gift:
Now you can request 25% more xems in the faucet attaching the mosaic black-friday.

Valid until next Monday.


Zodiac Sagittarius mosaic is already available in testnet.
3000 Limited units :sagittarius:.

Go and grab your zodiac sign mosaic for testing :wink:

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The Father Frost is near! :gift:

Now you can request 25% more XEM and free XLEE in the faucet attaching the mosaic ded-moroz .


Happy Testing!


Zodiac Capricorn mosaic is already available in testnet.
3000 Limited units :capricorn:

Go and grab your zodiac sign mosaic for testing :wink:


Soon there will be available an Ethereum Rinkeby Faucet in the website.
I know that many NEM fans will try to troll this, but think that this addition is like a good complement to XEM faucet.

Some users are now testing Comsa CMS tokens, and as you may know an Ethereum faucet is a good tool to test all the lifecycle.

Moreover there are some projects that use NEM and Ethereum taking in mind interoperability features.


The Ethereum Rinkeby Faucet is now open, you can claim up to 0.5 Ether

Soon a bunch of ERC20 tokens will be available to withdraw.


The family is getting bigger…Now a bitcoin faucet testnet is open.
And soon the most popular cryptocurrency: eos, tron, cardano, waves, dash,…

And we change our name. Now the web is at for english for spanish for russian


Zodiac Aquarius mosaic is already available in testnet.

3000 Limited units :aquarius:

Go and grab your zodiac sign mosaic for testing :wink:


Hello, important update!

The mining captcha “Verify me” has been removed from the web.
Now it is easier, faster, and mobile friendly to get test tokens for your Dapps.

Our new purpose is to provide the best experience getting testnet cryptocurrencies, so all the mainnet faucets are out of service. We will not provide such service in the future.

So, we welcome all blockchain developers, students, enthusiasts or startups that need to test their Dapps built using one the following blockchain protocols (NEM, Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Also we will supporting JSEcoin, a digital currency designed for the web.

New url at

If you also need another testnet cryptocurrency, just ask us!


new update? I should have a look!


The mainnet faucet may be operational within promotional events, so stay tuned!