NEM Foundation Catapult Roadmap and Vision


<irony mode on> Why not 100k tps? </irony>


Really are u saying that Catapult can support 100,000 tx/s ??


Hi @tresto, in response to your question on a Stable Coin, this is still in discussion, but the NEM Foundation plans to make sure there is a solid working Stable Coin. If a private group creates a good working project or proposal that meets marketplace needs, the Foundation is likely to support it and would not need to create a new one. If it appears there is no project that will meet those needs, the Foundation is likely to issue a request for proposals and fund a new project with the needed features.

Going forward after Catapult’s launch we will be pursuing different options with ecosystem partners. No deals or plans are being made now but we are mentioning our interest in it with different partners when the conversation comes up.


Hello Jason
Sorry, I can not understand at all.

Please tell me the Briefly answer.


In a brief answer, according to Option 1, 2 or 3:

It will likely be that NEM Foundation as the first choice might go for Option 2 - NEM Foundation will support a group who proposes a good working project or proposal for a Stable Coin.


I would like to add that outcome of any Stable Coin project will come from a collective decision by the Project Management Committee (PMC). NEM Foundation works as a contributor to the NEM ecosystem and we respect the PMC to ensure that the governance and approval of projects like Stable Coin involves the PMC throughout the process.

More about the PMC here:


Thank you for reply. @jason.lee
Is it OK about my understanding that there is no possibility of Option 1? If it is 2 or 3, there is no objection in particular.


Hi Tresto, I’m pretty sure Option 1 is not in the scope of the Foundation.


I strongly hope so.


I agree with @LauraBKK and would like to iterate that NEM Foundation exists to contribute to the NEM ecosystem and to have a strong focus in contributing to the launch of Catapult. That is why the NEM Foundation Catapult Roadmap and Vision is an important milestone for us. We want to work with other contributors who can add value to the NEM ecosystem as a team.


how about 1000k,haha


now that Mark and Nelson are no longer part of the foundation, who is taking their jobs? we will save 2 annual salaries of these two people? there will be no election of a new position for the free positions?? thank you for answering my questions. @jason.lee @Inside_NEM


Hi @eddy, eventually we will make an announcement at a later date to fill leadership positions for the future. Currently, we want to focus on making sure Catapult gets out in the leanest and most effective way possible. There are some cost-savings and we will channel resources to hiring specifically to help with the launch of Catapult. Thanks for asking!