NEM Foundation - Funding Proposal 2019

Hi all,

Good news, we have met the minimum requirement for the votes!

Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments. The work begins now.

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or you could just bookmark a poll perhaps

Hi Alexandra, what is a current status of this list?

It’s gut-wrenching for me to have to suspend staff while we restructure NEM Foundation. Behind every number, there is a real person.

Dismissal is required part of restructure NEM Foundation. I’m pretty sure it should be done before NF gets funding. Why? - because we can lose valuable staff. I’m also pretty sure there should be total changes/clearing even if 95% of people have to leave NF. I and rest of NEM community fully support you if you decide to implement it!

I know, "they are good guys" ©, but we dont need "good guys", we need professionals and competent people.


Everything is moving forward as it should. Redundancies have been identitifed and all global staff impacted have been contacted. In addition to managing Human Respurces, we also must comply to worldwide legal requirements. We will communicate to the community when the transition is complete.


Thanks for the answer Alexandra.

hi GodTanu, I can answer for my region:

we were:

Colombia: 4 People
Venezuela 2 People
Uruguay: 1 person
Mexico: 1 person
Chile: 1 person
Brasil: 2 People
Argentina: 2 people
Perú: 1 person
Spain: 2 people

Hi @Pedro_Gutierrez, could you please provide any proof that these people are real, for example their NEM wallets without specifying names or it would be perfect to specify wallets and location.

Thanks in advance

Pedro dont know ours NEM addresses, but we are real. For example, I am spanish ambassador (until last month), I am NEM Foundation Member, even I did a meetup in Spain last week:

And also I have a spanish wiki about NEM:

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Why should not be real?
If you were following the NEM activities last year you should know that LATAM region grew with different ambassadors in the most important latam countries. I spoked with many of them in the Nem Spanish channels. I met NEM partners and friends from Uruguay, Argentina in Australia and Hong Kong who told me about the NEM LATAM team.
I met Fernando in Spain, we were together during the Tutellus meetup! He is helping NEM a lot since the beginning.

In Spain: Ricardo and Fernando
Colombia: Pedro, Alexis
Venezuela: Carlos
Argentina: Sasha
Mexico: Laura
Brazil: Joao y Alex
Uruguay: Ignacio
Chile: Daniel

Same for God Tanu and former Japanese team. A lot of people are not working with NEM anymore and we have to look for another job so please let it go and focus in the future.


I’m sure the vast majority of fitters on the Footing exactly who brought to help Launch usually are NEM EU.
I’m sure which the fitters connected with NEM EU will probably transport to help NEM Science lab.

I have an idea.
Next year’s NEM Foundation budget should be provided by a NEM ventures.
That way, troublesome voting is unnecessary.

Now it ’s time to look back. I believed in your words. Not only you. I believed in the announcements of all NEM Foundation Board and council members.

I understand many difficult things. I think everyone understood it. The NEM foundation sometimes needs to do bulldozing. I hope a quick decision.

Businesses that plan to use catapult have stopped. If you have completed debugging on the developer’s testnet, release catapult immediately. I pray that any other reason will not interfere with the main net release.

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Hi GodTanu !!!

The migration team has already announced that it will air Catapult between February and March, from the moment it is on the air, we hope to see greater adoption in our technology.

The promised schedule we believed was Q4.
There are various discussions now. Only technical elements can tolerate schedule delays.

I will remember various feelings when the next budget is charged Around February 20th 2020.
However, I am grateful for the activities of NEM studio.

RC testnet needs at least three months of testing before it can be released. If there are major flaws or bugs, delays can happen.
Q4 was the best estimate of Foundation at the beginning of the year and it was strived for.
Please remember-putting out a brand new blockchain takes time and Foundation does not control it. We can only control our parts that we contribute.

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Does the Foundation expect a new operating budget in 2020?


We’ve been working on a new proposal for Core and Community. More details will be shared on this in the future.


Nice Joke

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The 2019 funding proposal was based on setting the direction of the Foundation to be product focused and get Catapult out. Being a tech product with an organisation going product focused I consider it a failure of the Foundation leadership to have not yet appointed a CTO.

Would you outline what has been done to date with finding a CTO, who has been interviewed, how have you attempted to recruit someone for the position?

In a commercial business one would expect the fulfillment of this role to take up to 3 months or at worst 6 months depending on the size of the enterprise. We are far beyond such a timeline and without any news/communication about this task it looks like leadership has given up here?

The Pieces Come Together
Our search for a Chief Technology Officer came to a successful close with the hire of Nate D’Amico , a veteran developer with product management experience at enterprise-grade software companies, including SugarCRM and open source projects like Apache Bigtop.

Nate’s extensive open source expertise and kaizen approach for continuous small, ongoing positive changes soon won over the teams and had a positive impact on shaping a new kind of culture.

Found here: NEM Foundation 2019 Year In Review

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Very good, I missed seeing that. It would have deserved a standalone news announcement.

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Not sure how the news was overlooked but Nate’s been with the Foundation since June and took on the role in late-Summer. We posted this news in quite a few places across social media and in updates the past few months. He’s also done some media interviews (including a recent one with me and Hackernoon last Friday.) Nate is also part of the brand steering committee, Migration team, and he’s responsive on Slack (where most dev team is active.) He’s worked with core team the past few years when he was at Tech Bureau so he’s got a good working relationship across core devs, Foundation, Studios, and Ventures.

Here’s a high-level summary about him: Nate D’Amico is an American executive and Chief Technology Officer at NEM Foundation, a foundation created by the top 30 cryptocurrency by trade volume in the world. D’Amico has nearly 20 years of developer and product management experience at enterprise-grade software companies, including SugarCRM and open source projects like Apache Bigtop. Previously, he conducted research and development for Tech Bureau, the leading Japanese fintech and cryptocurrency development group. As CTO of NEM Foundation, D’Amico leads the software engineering team that upgrades the core for NEM Foundation’s Catapult, the smart asset system providing complete blockchain customization options to enterprise-level businesses.

Recruitment for CTO (before Nate got on contract) included:

  • Professional Headhunters and global recruiters

  • Targeted ads across recruiting sites (LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Hiring NEM Studios to assist with search

  • Interview internal recommendations