NEM Foundation - message to the community

Here you can see her professional career, if you think that the new president is not qualified, why didn’t you run for election? I think you are always angry… relax :wink:


i am angry because new foundation memebers do THINGS WITHOUT THINK A LOT
WHY WANT 150 MEMBERS WITH NO RESULTS:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


also they asked 7.5 millions
for how much time
for 1 month 2 months 5 months 8 months 1 year 3 years?
can anyone answer to these also?
these is something very important that i must know
also we need to know how much is the salary of each of these 10 members
you ask for money we need to know your salary per month:clown_face:
because if not tell us YOUR SALARY PER MONTH
you do not care about NEM but only for your personal salary from NEM
you start these post so community must now everything about your salary
will be more good for all NEM stakeholder to know that


I was bashing nem for beginning, but I believe it is not easy with current market crypto sentiment and ambitious competition to bring out something outstandingly new which will skyrocket units.

Definitely not an easy time, but nem deserves some patience (year or so), lets see what will happen till then.

Alex is trying hard to address questions , we should give her credit for that.
… and please refrain from childish comments in broken English.


IMO there´s room for critique in this situation. Numerous good questions has been raised and hopefully we all receive complete answers as soon as possible.


What you call a childish comments are in reality called facts. I asked 4 simple questions to which I would love to have an answer… why you gotta be so butthurt about that?


Thanks @jelin1984 for your feedback and questions. We will endeavour to respond appropriately. The proposal will go out to the community and we want to ensure that there is regular communication.

The NEM Foundation will be much leaner, the majority of our budget to go to product and tech development. We have stopped to no more or little on-ground activities. We are making changes. The new budget proposed will also be reduced significantly.

Thank you @atcalypso, we are all affected by this ‘Crypto Winter’. The positive note is that you know that there is a ‘spring cleaning’ and we will shift gears to be tech and product-focused.

There will be more answers coming in the next few days, our proposal will be announced soon. Thanks @simakki


also we need answers these week not after one month
also final we must know which is these person?? NEMSecretariatOffice
because i see joined NEM AT 3 January and her first post
down a lot price of NEM
we are here years ago
so must know these person


I’m sorry but do you have some sort of mental issues ?


no i do not think so
simple want answers
but my question is so clever that you can not understand it well
when i had the answers that i want i will let you know my thoughts


Secretariat office is the account to send news and updates to the community from the council. It never happened before hence the new account.


yeah, that’s the right one gone.
I trust in the new advice and especially in you Alex.


Why SBI group left the NEM?


You clearly don’t understand NEM and its whole value proposition if this is what you think. Catapult will still be API based, it doesn’t matter what language it is written in for people to use it.


when NEM Foundation will post the final solution?
when NEM will have zero value?
also if NEM Foundation was not ready to post the final solution
why they post these 5 days ago and crash NEM price
really what NEM Foundation think when they post it?
I know from my job that you post and tell something to investors when you are ready with your final solutions
I think the daltons are not professional.


I think that as an investor you have lost money and you are angry, you will get all the answers with patience, you have to think that the new council takes only 1 month and 3 days, are working hard to solve something that other foundations would end (good news: NEM will never be value 0 )


That would be a partnership that is managed by our partner Tech Bureau -

They could provide more clarity on that.

The NEM Secretariat Office represents the voice of the executive committee and the council, so all official messages from NEM Foundation will come there. The secretary supports with the administration of it. Thanks @LauraBKK


NEM will always be separate from the NEM Foundation, everything with the proposal is being finalised right now and they should be update very soon. We are working hard to make sure everything is taken into account.


Below I leave a graph that explains in a simple way, how it works and which actors collaborate in all areas.

The last few days we have seen many speculative news about NEM that are incorrect. And the price has been affected by false groundless fears. NEM is not going to end, nor will it go bankrupt.

From the Foundation, we work hard to present the proposal to the community and receive the best feedback!


That´s nice. Okay, API based. But that was the part where I pointed out, what a waste of money is to fund project like that. Paying 200K for a 3rd party lectures and a few meet-ups, when a final product isn´t even out? Really? Have you read the other half of the paragraph? You just cut out part which suited you.