NEM Foundation Update - February 2019 (Part II)

Catapult Mobile Wallet walkthrough by NEM Foundation

This forum post is an update on the UI/UX for a proposed Catapult Mobile wallet with a walkthrough by NEM Foundation’s interim CTO Jeff McDonald.

Based on the NEM Foundation’s new structure, Jeff is temporarily overseeing the technology development support for the Foundation towards the launch of Catapult - this includes building tools, SDKs, supporting applications and developing a global ecosystem of partners and users.

Developers interested in helping to build this wallet are highly encouraged to join the NEM2slack channel called sig-client. Discussion around user-facing applications and apps take place there as well as future discussions around this app as well. The most important information will be placed under this GitHub repository. The clickable mockup and initial Sketch files have already been made and Jeff will be happy to share them with you.

This app framework has been designed so far as a suggested direction that a future app might take with the goal of facilitating discussion around apps in general on Catapult with the goal of contributing the design and/or app to the PMC. We additionally need to further define things like a QR, URI, and a wallet seed standard before any apps can be finished and would like to have discussions around those points as it will affect the design.

And with that, here is the app introduction.

The updated version has a beautiful user interface that is clean, sleek and simple. The functionality is similar to the existing mobile wallet. You can create a wallet or import a wallet with it with ease.

Like the NEM wallet, you will be able to create a backup QR code and/or private key for your wallet and store it in a safe manner.

The main screen of the NEM Catapult Mobile Wallet is the dashboard which provides important options like send, receive and view XEM balance denominated in a FIAT currency. You can click on a transaction hash that will take you to a block explorer which will provide you with more information on your transactions.

You are also able to send mosaics together with a message and choose whether you want it encrypted or not. This will be recorded in the dashboard with a history of transactions. In your account details, you will be able to view your XEM and Mosaic balance, add multisignature contracts as well as view account metadata. You can create multiple accounts within the accounts page for different purposes.

With the Catapult Mobile Wallet, users will be able to register a delegate harvesting contract and even start harvesting.

The above is just a glimpse of the full walkthrough.

You can watch the full video walkthrough here -

You can also click through the mockup here -

As mentioned NEM is switching to a new and open structure under the Project Management Committee (PMC). This app design or some later designer inspired from it will be discussed on the NEM2slack channel of sig-client and will go through an ongoing review before the build is commissioned, where among other things a QR standard, wallet standard, and URI standard should be decided. The NEM Foundation is kickstarting this process with making this app design to let the community know that progress is being made and we are doing so with a strong product-focus on technology development as well as supporting and accelerating the launch of Catapult.

Note: NEM Foundation thanks the NEM EU team (they are developing a proposal for NEM Labs) in contribution to comments on this post. This app design is also a continuation of a previous app design and collobration in the past between Paul Rieger of NEM Labs and Jeff McDonald of the NEM Foundation. NEM Foundation supports as many contributors to the NEM ecosystem. See our joint statement here:



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You can add current coin rates and charts.

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This app looks incredible, cant wait to try it!

The plan is that later if you click on the top half of the Dashboard, where the coin info is, that it will expand out to a detailed chart. That hasn’t been included in Version One of the app is it is being built up in multiple releases. What you see now is just the first version, later versions add more info. But here is a mockup of the expanded chart for later.


What sort of expenditure are we looking at for something like this?
Would be great if Foundation could, instead of throwing money at things, focus more on the organizational and direction of projects like this. (Not saying this is or isn’t what’s happening, just voicing thoughts)

Also would be great to consider crowd funding. I’ve done some homework, and it would only take about $100 USD, minimal recurring costs for hosting/domain/SSL, and day or two of time to set up a basic crowdfunding website, accepting XEM donations.
Would operate much like GoFundMe and similar services, where a user can submit a proposal, and anyone is allowed to pledge X amount of XEM toward the project.

Goal wouldn’t be to fund million dollar undertakings, but to help alleviate costs and provide enthusiasm for small projects benefiting NEM Community. EG: NEM Wallet Pro

I’ve considered doing this myself voluntarily, but I have so much on my plate already. …Maybe someday I will, at least to prove the concept, tho would prefer if someone else picks up on the idea.

Crowd funding is a really interesting idea.

Best case scenario is to find a third party to build this at the lowest cost possible or through a partnership. Definitely will try to minimise spending and work with partners who already have something like this or are familiar with it.

Thanks for the offer, I am sure there could be those who would like to volunteer.